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by Sgt. Roger Jones

First published in SFOR Informer #49, November 25, 1998

Ilidza - The British Ex-Servicemembers Wheelchair Sports Association (BEWSA) and the Hearts and Minds charity organisations, were the beneficiaries of 12 hours of cycling and rowing during a Row-a-Thon held at the Ilidza Physical Fitness Centre, November 21.

The event, chaired by Sgt. Maj. Keith Merrie UK National Support Element, was held to raise money for refugees here in BiH, as well as disabled UK ex-servicemembers. "This event will assist us with the funds needed to send a team of disabled athletes to the American Veteran’s Paraplegic Games, held in Puerto Rico. It will also help us raise money to buy food and clothing for refugees here in Bosnia and Hercegovina," he said

In order to participate in the Row-a-Thon, all you needed was 30DMs and a good set of lungs. Although, a non-participation donation of 30DMs was also welcomed. The token donation entitled you to win one of several prizes, donated by the American and Norwegian Post Exchanges and the British EFI, according to Merrie.

"It is important to stress that without these organisations, this event wouldn’t have been possible," explained Merrie. "Which is extremely important when you consider how brilliant the Row-a-Thon went,"he concluded.