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Italian engineers make area safer

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by Sgt. Roger Jones

First published in SFOR Informer #50, December 9, 1998

Sarajevo - Members of the 132 "Ariete" Brigade, an engineer unit from Northern Italy, currently housed in Multinational Brigade North recently participated in a project to demolish a building that was a neighbourhood safety hazard and eyesore.

Initially, the Brigade was contacted to remove building debris, created as a result of the war. However, when they arrived on the site, they realised a much larger problem existed, according to Capt. Emiliano Vigorita, company commander. "There was an old apartment building that was literally falling down. Our first reaction was that the building had to come down. It, however was attached to a new apartment building which presented a small logistical problem for us," he said.

s981211x.jpg (26489 bytes)Before the building could be destroyed, a bit of co-ordination was needed. For that, the unit turned to Capt. Maurizio Migliozzi, G-5. "The process was very simple because we had already been contacted to clear the rubbish," explained Migliozzi. "Once we had established the job could be done, we contacted the North Sarajevo mayor and police chief. We asked the mayor for permission and we asked the chief to help with the security portion of the job. It was very dangerous and we needed the police to secure the area. We didn’t want anyone to get hurt," said Migliozzi.

Getting permission to demolish the building was the easy part of the job. The toughest was yet to come. "We had to choose a method of destruction that was accurate and safe," stressed Vigorita. We obviously couldn’t use dynamite to destroy the building. We decided against several other methods and chose to use a specialised crane, modified by the placement of a demolition ball," he explained.

After meticulous calculations, estimates, and a couple of good whacks with the demolition ball, the building was history. The citizens of Sarajevo are now free to rebuild on a site that was once unsafe and very ugly.

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