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Home and healthy

Photos: SSgt. Roel de Jonge
First published in SFOR Informer #61, May 12, 1999.

Home safe and sound. A seven year old girl from the town of Pale in Republika Srpska, is greeted enthusiastically by relatives and Italian SFOR soldiers upon her return to Sarajevo Airport after life-saving medical treatment in Italy. She had been given emergency evacuation aboard a German C-160 to the Meyer Clinic in Florence, Italy, after her case had been passed on by the Italian Contingent to the German Field Hospital in Rajlovac. Doctors there discovered she was in urgent need of delicate brain surgery which they were unable to provide.

She returned to Sarajevo April 27 after a successful operation.

The same plane took off with another young patient bound for Italy - this time a young Sarajevan girl suffering from a malignant tumour. She has been offered free treatment at the Rizzoli Centre of Bologna.