February 2003





SFOR trains and exercises regularly to maintain a high level of readiness and to practice and hone its operational procedures. This includes regular training in the deployment of its Reserve Forces. Ex JOINT RESOLVE is the name given to a regular, pre-scheduled series of Tactical Reserve Force (TACRES) exercises which take place throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). They are run quarterly and hosted in turn by each of the 3 Multi-National Brigades (MNBs). Their aim is to exercise the TACRES in a series of rapid multinational deployments using credible operational scenarios. The next Exercise, JOINT RESOLVE XXVIII, is being conducted in MNB (NW) during February 2003.

Tactical Reserves

The security environment in BIH has improved considerably since the first deployment of SFOR. As a consequence, the size and composition of SFOR must be tailored to the present needs and this restructuring is a sign of the Alliance's confidence in BIH's ongoing achievements. However SFOR has no intention of dropping its vigilance and ability to take a robust operational stance should the need ever arise. To maintain its ability to eliminate any threat to a 'safe and secure environment, wherever it may occur within BIH, SFOR maintains a highly capable TACRES. The structure of these forces has been fine-tuned under the ongoing process of SFOR restructuring. The TACRES consists of a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) maintained by each MNB, an SFOR Reserve (SFOR RES) comprising several Infantry and Italian Caribinieri Companies and an airborne element (SFOR Reserve Air) equipped with AH-64 Apaches and UH-60 Blackhawks. The TACRES can be moved, without national clearance, across brigade boundaries with all the flexibility that comes from having its own vehicle and aviation assets.


JOINT RESOLVE, as its name implies, is a series of joint operations primarily involving multinational forces from within SFOR. Following realistic scenarios, JOINT RESOLVE involves rapid air and road deployments and typically includes presence patrolling and checkpoint manning. Weapons Storage Sites may also be inspected. TACRES personnel benefit from a familiarisation with the area and its inhabitants, both military and civilian. JOINT RESOLVE exercises may also culminate in live firing on designated ranges.

Support from 'Over The Horizon Forces'

The Operational Reserve Force is a multi-national, professional force with a wide range of military capabilities. It is designed to be a mobile and versatile "Over-The-Horizon-Force" (OTHF) capable of reinforcing those forces already present in BIH in order to deal with any military contingency.

Bottom line

COMSFOR's Reserve Forces are robust, flexible and rapidly deployable assets that allow the Commander to move forces to anywhere in BIH where there is a threat to the 'safe and secure environment'.