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Bravenic Operation

By Maj. Juan A. Pina
First published in
SFOR Informer #81, February 16, 2000

Mostar - The Spanish Task Group "Las Navas" from Task Force "Extremadura XII" conducted a training exercise Jan. 27 in Bravenic, close to Trebinje in Multinational Division South East (MND-SE). The aim of this exercise was to drill the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for reacting swiftly against any threat anywhere in their Area of Responsibility (AOR), in accordance with MND-SE SOPs. They utilised a scenario-driven exercise, with the purpose of providing realistic training. The scenario was focused upon anti-Dayton radicals unhappy with some decisions by the Office of the High Representative and SFOR, and who were conducting violent demonstrations against SFOR and the International Community. Due to this threat to the security situation, the area was declared unsecure and all international civilian personal were requested to leave the conflict zone.

The Task Team "RESTAC" from the tactical reserve of MND-SE was flown via helicopter to the Bravenik site with the goal of isolating the area. They were deployed in such a way as to protect civilians on the ground and were ready to repel any threat from paramilitary elements. The use of necessary force was allowed in repelling the hostile forces. The Spanish Marine Task Team "Puyou Davila," also from the Task Group "Las Navas," conducted a land operation to reinforce and support the team. They also provided personnel to act as members of the international community. Three German CH-53 Gs, two French AS-532s, two Italian AB-205s, and one Spanish UH-1H Huey, all from the BATALAT (Army Light Aviation Battalion, participated in the exercise. The preparation, organisation, and co-ordination conducted during the multinational exercise provided MND-SE the opportunity to test their capability of deploying and re-establishing a safe and secure environment anywhere in their AOR.