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Exercise Joint Resolve IV

by Capt. Halvor Molland

First published in SFOR INFORMER #29, February 11, 1998

Banja Luka - Commencing at first light January 26 a company of the Norwegian Photo1T .JPG (6725 bytes)Telemark Battalion from Sarajevo relieved A Company of the 1st Battalion King’s Own Royal Border Regiment in Jajce, Multinational Division South West. This marked the start of Exercise Joint Resolve IV, a five-day exercise involving, among others, elements from the US 4th Aviation Brigade, A Coy 6th Czech Mechanised Brigade and the UK 9/12 Lancers.                       

Joint Resolve IV involved heavy vehicle movement, including armoured vehicles and helicopterPhoto 2T.JPG (6730 bytes) support, including attack helicopters. The Operational Reserve Exercise mainly involved the areas of Banja Luka, Zgon, Jajce, Stari Majdan and Mrkonic Grad. Every effort was taken by SFOR troops on this exercise to minimise disruption to local traffic and to reduce noise; local citizens were asked to exercise extreme caution and care on the roads during the exercise period. Through careful planning, the entire Exercise was performed without major incidents, and although it coincided with St. Sava’s day, there was no interference with any events that commemorated this day.

Photo 3T.jpg (5986 bytes)"SFOR, in keeping with its mission here in Bosnia and Hercegovina, needs to provide highly mobile and sustainable reserves which can be deployed throughout SFOR’s area of operations. We must exercise our troops to ensure that we are a capable force which is willing and able to fulfil it’s military task of ensuring the stability and security of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Think of us as you would anPhoto 4T.JPG (5675 bytes) Olympic athlete who constantly trains to be at his or her best when called upon. Training enables us to evaluate our performance, identify our strengths, and those areas in need of improvement, as well as giving our troops and equipment an opportunity to "stretch their legs"," said Chief Media Operations Banja Luka, UK Maj. Paul Young while addressing local journalists before the exercise commenced.

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