5 April 1998

Peace Stabilisation Force - Operation Joint Guard - Exercise Dynamic Response 98

Press Release

SRF Departs Bosnia After Live-Fire Demonstration

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina - The six-nation Strategic Reserve Force (SRF) is making final preparations and movements to depart Bosnia and Herzegovina by road, rail and sea. All troops and equipment of the SRF are planned to be out of the region (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia) by Wednesday.

Forces from the SRF with elements of SFOR conducted a successful live-fire demonstration at Resolute Barbara Range in Glamoc Friday, concluding the training phase of Exercise Dynamic Response 98.

The 41-minute demonstration, dubbed Dynamic Strike, was attended by regional and military leaders, along with leadership of SFOR and NATO.

Those in attendance included General Wesley K. Clark, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, who spoke about the SRF and its importance, and thanked the troops and nations for their contributions.

"The Strategic Reserve Force represents the power to assure the continuation of the peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and it represents the commitment of the nations to that peace," said Clark at a press conference following the live-fire demonstration.

Dynamic Response 98, conducted from March 24 to April 7, tested the capabilities of NATO's SRF in support of SFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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