26 March 1998

Peace Stabilisation Force - Operation Joint Guard - Exercise Dynamic Response 98

Press Release

Strategic Reserve Force Conduct Final Movements Into Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina Units from six nations comprising the Strategic Reserve Force will complete their final movements into Bosnia-Herzegovina Friday in preparation for training with Stabilisation Forces during Exercise Dynamic Response 98.

Strategic Reserve Forces units arrive at Mostar today, including the 26th Romanian Infantry Battalion, 1st Dutch Marine Battalion and Italian San Marco Battalion. More than 190 soldiers of the 18th Polish Airborne Battalion completed movement into their base camp in Visoko this morning, and a Turkish Company of the 1st Turkish Mechanised Infantry Division completed movement into Sarajevo today, and are preparing for training with the SRF during the coming days.

Dynamic Response 98, scheduled for March 24 to April 7, will test the capabilities of NATO's Strategic Reserve Force (SRF) in support of the Stabilisation Force (SFOR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Final movements of the six nations troops and equipment also included the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit landing Wednesday at Ploce, Croatia and movement to Mostar and Sarajevo. The landing included movement of several Landing Craft, Air Cushion "hovercrafts" carrying equipment ashore, and amphibious assault vehicles carrying soldiers ashore.

Four NATO nations: Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey and the United States; and two Partnership for Peace nations: Poland and Romania, have come together to exercise their air, land and maritime assets. SRF resources are stationed outside Bosnia-Herzegovina but can be ordered to reinforce SFOR troops if necessary.

Dynamic Response 98 allows the SRF to familiarise itself with Bosnia, to practice interoperability among other multi-national forces, and to train units in many of the key tasks SFOR troops perform.

Note to editors:

Activities for the SRF tomorrow, March 27th, include:

  • The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit will undergo small unit training and rehearsals in preparation for the Polish air assault into Sokolac Saturday.
  • The Italian San Marco Battalion will conduct rehearsals prior to route reconnaissance near Jablanica.
  • The 26th Romanian Infantry Battalion is completing vehicle inspections after arriving in Mostar from Zenica.
  • The 1st Battalion, Royal Netherlands Marine Corps will conduct a Command Post Exercise and small unit training in Mostar.
  • The Turkish Company, 1st Turkish Mechanised Infantry Divison, is participating in rehearsals at Butmir with Polish and U.S. units.
  • The 18th Polish Airborne Battalion will conduct rehearsals at Butmir in preparation for the air assault into Sokolac Saturday.


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