23 March 1998

Peace Stabilisation Force

Operation Joint Guard
Exercise Dynamic Response 98

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23 March 1998
24 March 1998
25 March 1998
26 March 1998
27 March 1998
28 March 1998
29 March 1998
  • Article: Toy time in Gacko by Capt. Peter Tubaas
30 March 1998
  • Press Release: SRF Provides Dental Care To Local Youth
  • Images: Inspections of barracks and weapons storage sites
  • Article: SFOR weapon site inspections by Capt. Halvor Molland
  • Images: Deployment of Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
1 April 1998
  • Images: San Marco Battalion from Jablanica to Stolac
3 April 1998
  • Article: Dynamic Strike '98 opens fire by 2 Lt. David Arnold
5 April 1998


Neretva River, Bosnia and Hercegovina - 13 March 1998
U.S naval forces set off for a pre-exercise reconnaissance to prepare the way for amphibious activities during Exercise Dynamic Response '98.
Photo: SFOR Romanian Engineer Battalion. (70Kb)
Exercise Dynamic Response 98 is a training exercise designed to show NATO's capability to deploy strategic reserve forces (SRF) into Bosnia-Herzegovina. As part of an on-going training program, DR 98 will validate the deployment plan, familiarize SRF units with the territory and practice operational and tactical options for deployment and employment of SRF. With more than 1,800 troops from six contributing nations, NATO's goal is to demonstrate its capabilities and commitment to the Dayton Peace Agreement.

The SRF is a capable professional force, well suited for its mission. It enhances the military capabilities of SFOR above and beyond the 32,000 troops already in the Bosnia-Herzegovina area of operations. It is mobile, flexible unit designed to augment in-theatre forces, allowing them to deal with any foreseeable military contingency. The SRF is made up of light and airborne infantry, armor, artillery and attack aircraft. Six nations contribute troops to SRF. Four are NATO countries: Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey and the United States; and two are Partnership for Peace nations: Poland and Romania. Commander Stabilisation Force (COMSFOR) can request the SRF, which could number more than 5,000 troops, to deploy quickly and decisively to combat any threat to peace in the region.

DR 98 will take place between March 23 and 7 April in MND SW and MND SE. Soldiers will begin arriving in Bosnia-Herzegovina on March 23.

Neretva River, Bosnia and Hercegovina - March 13, 1998
U.S. naval forces of the SFOR Strategic Reserve Force and members of the SFOR Romanian Engineer Battalion make preparations for a reconnaissance up the Neretva River in preparation for amphibious activities during Exercise Dynamic Response '98.
Photo: SFOR Romanian Engineer Battalion. (38Kb)

March 24 will be the first opportunity for media to cover DR 98, beginning with a visit to the USS Wasp. Journalists will be flown to Ploce, then to the USS Wasp in military aircraft. This will provide an opportunity to, meet the commanders and see elements of the SRF prepare for their arrival in the port of Ploce, Croatia; for onward movement into Bosnia-Herzegovina. US and Italian units will land at Ploce on March 25. Air transportation to Ploce for media who wish to cover the landing will be provided by SFOR from Tuzla, Banja Luka, Zagreb and Sarajevo.

The Turkish Company, the Polish Battalion, and elements of the US Battalion Landing Team, including SRF headquarters, will be located in the troop concentration area in Sarajevo on March 25. Elements of The Netherlands Mariner Battalion, the Italian San Marco Battalion, the Romanian Battalion and the US Battalion Landing Team will be located in the troop concentration area in Mostar.

Elements of SRF will conduct training activities such as reconnaissance, patrols and air assault operations near Sokolac, Sarajevo, Gacko, Stolac and Mostar from March 27 to 30.

Polish and US units will conduct an air assault operation to Sokolac on March 28 in order to link up with US forces there.

The SRF will move to Glamoc on March 31, after a road move from their concentration areas earlier that day. On April 1 and 2, units will conduct rehearsals for the live fire exercise which will take place on April 3 at Glamoc Range.

The live-fire demonstration will include the multi-national fire support from all six contributing nations. It will be attended by many NATO, SFOR and Bosnian dignitaries; including NATO Secretary General Dr. Javier Solana and Supreme Allied Commander, Gen. Wesley Clark. The PIO from Multi-National Division (South West) will establish a press center at Glamoc Range to accommodate journalists wanting to attend the live fire demonstration. A detailed schedule of training events and a list of dignitaries attending the live fire demonstration will be available. SFOR will provide air transportation from Mostar, Split, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Zagreb and Sarajevo to the range April 3.

The SRF will leave Bosnia-Herzegovina April 4 and 5, bringing DR 98 to a conclusion by April 7.

Journalists need to co-ordinate transportation through the MND CPICs or the Sarajevo CPIC. The PIO in Mostar will establish a CPIC TO assist journalists wanting to cover activities in Gacko, Stolac and Mostar. The CPIC in Sarajevo will assist journalists wanting to cover SRF activities in Sokolac, Pale and Sarajevo.

00 387 - 71 447- 601 / 602 / 610/IPN 146 6000
00 387 - 71 447 604/IPN146 5603
E-Mail :

SRF Units

  • 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) US
  • Turkish Company (-)
  • San Marco Battalion (-) (Italy)
  • 1st Mariner Battalion (-) (Netherlands)
  • 18th Polish Airborne Battalion
  • 26th Romanian Infantry Battalion


Sarajevo(387) 71-447-601 or 146-6003
Mostar(387) 88-350-016 or 146-7881
Tuzla(387) 75-830-199 or 156-7036
Banja Luka(387) 78-722-059 or 146-8247
Zagreb(385) 37-800-11 Ext. 3415
Split(385) 21-895-205

Specific information about SRF units

  • Marine Battalion Landing Team 3/2 (-) US
  • One Mechanized Platoon and one Mortar Squad US
  • Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-264 (-) consisting of 12 CH-46 E "Sea Knight" helicopters as the nucleus, four CH-53E "Super Stallions", 4 AH-1W "Super Cobras", 2 UN-1N "Hueys" and 5 AV-8B II Plus Night Attack "Harriers."
  • Marine Service Support Group-26 consisting of a headquarters section with attachments of a landing force shore party, an engineer platoon, communication platoon, supply platoon, medical platoon, and truck platoon.

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