3 Dec. 1999

Fact Sheet

SFOR Land Forces

"Please note that SFOR is currently restructuring its forces. This is a dynamic re-organisational process which is proceeding rapidly and smoothly but which has caused this Fact Sheet to become dated. A new edition is in preparation and will be released as soon as possible."


The land forces that are deployed to support the SFOR mission within Bosnia and Hercegovina come under the command of the Commander of Stabilisation Force (COMSFOR). They are divided into three multinational divisions.

Multinational Division South West (MND-SW)

MND SW comes under the control of a United Kingdom (UK) division headquarters based in Banja Luka. Amongst the forces under its command are the following:

Banja Luka:

  • Sigs Regt
  • HQ 40 Regt RA
  • B Coy 1 RS
  • HQ 6 Regt RMP
  • UK NSE
  • HQ 22 Engr Regt
  • RAVC Unit

United Kingdom (UK) at Gorni Vakuf with:

  • HQ Royal Highland Fusiliers
  • 669 Sqn Army Air Corps
  • 6 HQ Sqn 22 Eng Regt

United Kingdom (UK) at Mrkonjic Grad with:

  • 1 x UK Household Cavalry Regt Battle group

Canada (CA) at Coralici with:

  • 1 x 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regt (2RCR)

Netherlands (NL) at Sisava with:

  • 1 x 12th Regt van Heutz (12RvH)

Czech Republic (CZ) at Ljubija with:

  • 1 x 3 (Czech) Mechanized Battalion (3 Cz Mech)

Belgium (BE) and Luxembourg (LU) at Tomislavgrad with:

  • 1 x 4th Belgium - Luxembourg (4 BELU)

United Kingdom (UK) at Split with:

  • HQ Log Regt.
  • Fort Grange (Royal Fleet Auxiliary)

Divisional Troops:

Amongst the division's support units can be found:

  • 1 x UK Artillery Regiment
  • 1 x UK Divisional Signal Regiment
  • 1 x UK Electronic Warfare (EW) Squadron
  • 1 x UK Support Helicopter Squadron
  • 1 x UK Field Hospital
  • 1 x Bulgarian Engineer Platoon (Sisava)
  • 1 x Czech HIP Det (Velika Kladusa)

Multinational Division South East (MND SE)

Multinational Division South east (MND-SE) is a French lead Division with a multinational staff, based in Mostar. Under its command are the following forces:

FR (France) and GE (Germany) at Rajlovac with:

  • 1 x FR/GE Brigade Headquarters
  • 1 x GE Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x FR Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x AL (Albania) Infantry Protection Platoon

UKR (Ukraine) at Vrapcici with:

  • 1 x UKR Mechanised Infantry Battalion

IT (Italy) at Sarajevo with:

  • 1 x IT Brigade Headquarters
  • 1 x IT Infantry Regiment
  • 1 x IT Logistic Battalion
  • 1 x IT Mechanised Artillery Battery

PO (Portugal) at Rogatica with:

  • 1 x PO Mechanised Infantry Battalion

SP (Spain) at Medugorje with:

  • 1 x SP Brigade Headquarters
  • 1 x SP Mechanised Infantry Battalion in Mostar
  • 1 x SP Mechanised Infantry Battalion in Trebinje

Divisional troops:

FR (France), MO (Morocco) at Mostar with:

  • 1 x FR Mechanised Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x MO Motorised Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x FR/IT/SP Military Police Company
  • 1 x SP/FR Engineer Battalion
  • 1 x FR Logistic Regiment
  • 1 x GE Field Hospital

FR (France) SP (Spain) at Ploce (HQ)

  • 1 x Helicopter Battalion

IT (Italy) GE Germany

  • 1 x Helicopter Detachment

Multinational Division North (MND N)

Multinational Division North (MND-N) comes under the control of a United States (US) divisional headquarters based in Tuzla. Under its command are the following forces:

United States (US) at Zivinice (Camp Comanche) with:

  • 2 x US Aviation Regiment

United States (US) at Brod (Camp McGovern) with:

  • 1 x US Task Force

United States (US) at Kalesija (Camp Dobol) and at Kladanj (Camp Demi) share:

  • 1 x US Task Force

Turkish Brigade (TU) at Zenica with:

  • 1 x TU Mechanised Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x TU Armoured Company
  • 1 x TU Artillery Battery
  • 1 x TU Infantry Company
  • 1 x TU Engineer Company

HQ NORDPOL (Nordic/Polish) Brigade at Doboj with:

  • 1 x SW (Sweden) Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x PL (Poland) Airborne Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x NO (Norway) Mechanised Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x FN (Finland) Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x DA (Denmark) Mechanised Infantry Battalion
  • 1 x Baltic Coy (rotates between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • 1 x SW Med Coy
  • 1 x MN MP Coy
  • 1 x Nordic Support Group (Pecs, HUngary)

Russia (RU) Seperate Airborne Brigade at Ugljevik with:

  • 2 x RU Airborne Infantry Battalions
  • 1 x RU Engineer Company
  • 1 x RU Artillery Battery
  • 1 x Reconnaissance Group
  • 1 x Communications Company
  • 1 x Maintenance Company
  • 1 x Supply Company
  • 1 x Medical Platoon
  • 1 x Military Police Platoon
  • 1 x NBC Platoon
  • 1 x Bakery

Divisional troops:

Amongst the division's support units can be found:

  • 1 x US Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 1 x US Air Defence Battalion
  • 1 x US Engineer Battalion
  • 1 x US Forward Support Battalion
  • 1 x US Maintenance Battalion
  • 1 x US Combat Support Hospital
  • 1 x US Signal Battalion
  • 1 x US PSYOPS Company
  • 1 x US Military Police Company

Support units under SFOR HQ Command are based throughout BiH and Croatia and include the following:

  • 1 x HUN (Hungary) Theatre Engineer Battalion
  • 1 x RO (Rumania) Theatre Engineer Battalion
  • 1 x IT Railway Engineer Regiment (deploys from Italy as needed)
  • 1 x HELBA (Hellenic, Bulgarian and Austrian) Logistic Group
  • 1 x MN PSYOPS Battalion
  • 1 x MN CIMIC Task Force
  • 1 x MN Signal Battalion
  • 1 x MSU, IT Military Specialised Unit with personnel from Argentina, Romania and Slovenia
  • 1 x US Aviation Regiment
  • 1 X MN Military Police Company
  • Slovenian Theatre Air Transport assets

In addition to the above mentioned forces there are many other smaller units and bases that play an important role in the areas of responsibility of the MNDs.

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