Multi National Division - SouthEast

Maj. Gen. Arnold Schwerdorffer

Mostar - During a change of command ceremony held March 1 at HQ Multinational Division South east in Mostar-Ortijes, Maj. Gen. Arnold Schwerdorffer assumed command of the Division from Maj. Gen. Pierre Lang.

Schwerdorffer was born in Rouen (Seine Maritime), France. He joined the Army and attended Saint Cyr Academy in 1964 as a Cavalry Officer. He was the commander of the 1st Regiment de Chasseurs (light infantry) from 1987-1990 and Chief of Staff of 7 Armoured Division in the Defence District of Besanon from 1990-1993.

In September 1993, he became the Deputy Lieutenant General of 6 Light Armoured Division. He further distinguished himself as the French Contingent Commander of UNPROFOR in 1995, and Deputy Chief of Support Staff in MND (SE) in 1996.

Since September 1996, he has served as the Commander of the 6 Light Armoured Division and the Joint Forces Garrison at Nmes. He has graduated from the Superior War School Academy. He is married and has three children.

During the change of command ceremony, COMSFOR Commander, Gen. Montgomery C. Meigs saluted Lang in French, "You have been a team builder, and a ambassador of good will for SFOR, you have been a source of stability and created a foundation for progress in rebuilding in this region.

Lang thanked all the personnel from MND (SE) for their accomplishments and wished, "Good luck" to the new commander.

1Lt. Bruno Hattry

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