Major General François de GOËSBRIAND

Paratrooper certificate 1970
Recce helicopter wings 1976
Manoeuvre helicopter wings 1977
Staff College certificate 1983
War college diploma 1987

Major General de GOËSBRIAND was born on 30th January 1947 in VANNES (MORBIHAN). He joined the Army as a cadet at St Cyr Military Academy in October 1969 where he obtained his paratrooper certificate in 1970.
He decided to join the Armour branch. Thus in October 1971, he joined the Armour School to attend the Junior Officer Course. He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.
In September 1972, he was assigned as a Platoon Leader to the 4th Regiment of Dragoons located in OLIVET and was promoted to 1st Lieutenant.
After attending the Army Aviation helicopter pilot training, he was awarded his wings and he was promoted to Captain. He joined the 1st Army Corps Army Aviation group situated in PHALSBOURG in June 1976. He successively assumed the position of Recce pilot, second in command of a squadron and then, took over the command of a Manoeuvre Helicopter squadron. During his assignment he participated in operations in Chad.
In July 1981, he was posted to the 6th Combat Helicopter regiment garrisoned in COMPIEGNE, as an executive officer in the Instruction office.
In July 1983, he was assigned to the Army Staff Headquarters as a Staff Officer within the Army Aviation cell of the Equipment bureau. He was promoted to the rank of Major in October the same year.
In 1985, he attended the War College course. He graduated in 1987 and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
In June 1987, he was posted to the 3rd Combat Helicopter regiment located in ETAIN. There, he assumed the position of Head of Instruction and Operations office.
In August 1989, he was posted to the Rapid Reaction Corps headquarters in MAISONS LAFFITE as a deputy to the Head of Plans section - European Operations bureau. In 1990, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel. He participated in the Gulf war as J5 Deputy Officer in charge of the planning of the operations.
In June 1991, he was appointed Corps Commander to the 4th Command and Manoeuvre Helicopter regiment situated in ESSEY LES NANCY.
In June 1993, posted to the Army Personnel Management Directorate in PARIS, he was the Head of the Airmobile office.
In 1998, promoted to the rank of Brigadier General he assumed the position of Deputy to the General commanding the 4th Airmobile Brigade and on 1st July 1999, he took over it's command.
During his career, Major General de GOËSBRIAND was given several French military awards. He is Officier de la Légion d'honneur and Officier de l'ordre national du Mérite. He was also awarded La Croix de guerre for his operations abroad and La Croix de la Valeur, the first one with a Division citation, and the second one with a Division and a Brigade citation. He was also given the Aeronautical medal.
In addition he has a degree in political science and has a level 2 military certificate in English.

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