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A Scottish ceiligh band in studio

By Airman Christophe Lehmann
First published in
SFOR Informer #70, 15 Sept, 1999.

Sarajevo - The 1st battalion of the Royal Highland Fusiliers pipe band came to Sarajevo to play before the kick off of the football match between Scotland and Bosnia and Hercegovina. But they took the opportunity to carry out another musical project, as well.

A smaller formation of band members went to the studio of TV-BiH to record what will become their third album. The whole process of recording and mastering (the definitive version of the album from which the CDs will be pressed) took place in these studios while the production will be handled back in the UK.

"We decided to record it here because it is far cheaper for the same quality than in the UK or Germany for example," said Major Drummer David Turner, percussionist and leader of the band."

"And I have to say that the two sound engineers we worked with have been absolutely brilliant. They are not using the very latest gear, but it is still of very good quality."

All the members of the formation have been playing together for quiet a long time, except for the keyboard player, who only joined 10 months ago. He is the one who came up with the arrangement of the song "My heart will go on" that Celine Dion sang on the original soundtrack of the movie "Titanic" that will be one of the 16 tracks figuring on the album. The only difficulty they meet on such arrangements is that the bag pipe has only one key, E flat, so that the whole song has to be transposed.

The language has not been much of a problem either as the two sound engineers speak a bit of English, and an interpreter was present during all the mix down process. "It wasnt really easy for me at the very beginning because of the Scottish accent. And they are using a lot of technical terms as well. But after a couple of hours, everything was fine. It has been a great experience for me," explains Slaven Vucak, Guard Supervisor of the CPIC (Coalition Press Information Centre) and interpreter for the occasion.

One of the tracks will be produced as a single, and the benefits of it will be given to humanitarian organisations, in order to help them with their projects for Bosnia and Hercegovina and Kosovo. The CD should be released in November.