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Exercise Joint Resolve V

by Capt. Arjan Hilaj

First published in SFOR INFORMER #30, February 25, 1998

photo 1T.JPG (9636 bytes)Stolac - The engagement of a tactical detachment of Division Rapid Reaction Element, Moroccan and French troops in the Stolac area of Multinational Division South East marked the start of Exercise Joint Resolve V. "The aim of this exercise is to train the Operational Reserve and to maintain the readiness of troops in MND-SE in the event that a real intervention is needed," explained Operations Commander, Col. Alain Eparbes, French Army.

Joint Resolve V took place from February 15 to 19, 1998, around Mostar, Stolac and Caplijin. It was a five-phase exercise involving more than 600 troops from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Morocco,photo 2T.JPG (10149 bytes) the United States, the Czech Republic and Norway. Equipment employed included armoured vehicles and artillery, AH-64, UH-60 and CH-53 helicopters and two Mirage French fighters. Day Two and Three consisted mainly of augmentation exercises in Stolac and relief of the Moroccan troops by the Norwegian "Telemark" company on the Stolac - Capljina road. Moroccan troops were given familiarisation training in deployment by U.S. UH-60 Blackhawks.

photo 3T.JPG (6991 bytes)From Udric, approximately 20 kilometres from Mostar, the Division Tactical Post Command directed the ground troops. Headed by Italian Army Col. Vitoantonio Martino, the Command Post shelter is divided into several compartments in which the staff works. In front is a detailed exercise map and timetable. "Here we direct all of the units' activities and terrain and communicate with them by e-mail so that the orders get to their destination faster, explained Col. Martino. The fourth day consisted of the troops disengagement from the exercise area. "There photo 4T.JPG (9270 bytes) are many different nations on the ground. We all worked together to demonstrate our capabilities. It is important to say that all our targets were met according to the timetable and the local population also got to see how closely the SFOR participating nations can work together," said Col. Eparbes.

The exercise finished with a static display show in Mostar, where both the public and local media were shown the equipment and troops used in the exercise.

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