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Page Updated: 23-Apr-2008
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Workshop on Risk assessment and environmental security in the baltic sea region

Vilnius, Lithuania, 6-7 May 2008

The Baltic is among the most anthropogenically affected seas of World Ocean. Intensive exploitation of resources and other human activities in combination with natural processes pose certain risks to security of the environment of the Baltic Sea region.

To date not all parts of the Baltic Sea and its environment have been investigated thoroughly. The data about the geological structure of the bottom of certain areas of the Baltic Sea, their physical-chemical and hydro meteorological conditions are yet to be related with the data on the anthropogenic impact from the continent, geophysical cycles, climatic changes and biological processes taking place in the Sea. The interaction between the physical, chemical, biological and geological processes is insufficiently investigated. For this reason, the available scientific information is inadequate for revealing the regularities of the change of natural processes and resources in the Baltic Sea and working out the methodological fundamentals of nature use and protection as well as risk assessment, regulation, optimization and environmental security prediction of marine processes and resources.

Determining conflict zones of coastal management and possible solutions represent another issue of practical and theoretical importance.

A variety of biological processes play significant role in the marine ecosystem. The trends and intensity of these processes depend on physical–chemical environmental conditions and functional structure of hydrobiont communities. Purposive eco-toxicological analyses have not been carried out. Thus, the assessment of eco-toxicological impacts on the Baltic Sea bears great practical and theoretical value and would contribute to overall regional security.

Objectives Of The Workshop

The workshop has the following objectives:

  • To provide a forum for NATO and Partner countries for exchange of information, expertise, ideas that would be instrumental in identifying and assessing main sources of risks to the environment in question.
  • To evaluate current understanding of diverse processes, and facilitate a debate on a possible way forward in mitigating environmental risks to the Baltic Sea region through international cooperation.

Venue: Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Gedimino Ave. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania

Programme: Baltic Sea Region Workshop 2008-final prog (PDF/60Kb)

Attendance: Experts who are interested to attend this workshop are invited to contact the Director, Prof. Vytautas Ostasevicius, Chairman of Technical Sciences, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences at: vytautas.ostasevicius@ktu.lt. Participants from NATO countries are expected to cover their own travel and living expenses as this is an SPS Nationally-Funded Activity. Experts from Partner and Mediterranean Dialogue countries who need financial assistance to attend the workshop, can apply for NATO funding (see http://www.nato.int/science/nationally_funded_activities/support_grant.htm)