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Page Updated: 11-Dec-2008
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Environmental Aspects of Military Compounds

Short-Term Project

Pilot countries
The Netherlands
Contact person

Mr. Maarten Gijsbers

In May 2006 Austria and the Netherlands organised a three-day workshop on “Environmental aspects of military compounds” at the National Defence College in Vienna, Austria. The workshop was visited by 69 participants from 25 different countries and from five NATO organisations: CCMS (Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society), SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), NATO School Oberammergau, ENTEC (Euro NATO Training Engineer Centre) and NAMSA (NATO Maintenance & Supply Agency). The goal of this workshop was to determine how the participating countries have covered these aspects in procedures and techniques, to share experiences and successes in this field and to establish a network of experts. As a result it was decided that a follow-up project (Phase II) would be useful.

The second phase of this project was carried out in the period May 2007-October 2008. The project consisted of three workshops and an editorial meeting.

The following final documents were produced:

  1. Recommendation regarding fora for the exchange of information on environmental  aspects in military compounds

  2. Planning an Environmental Management System (EMS) for NATO led military activities (Handbook)

  3. Environmental Protection Standards for NATO deployed compounds (Handbook)

  4. Appendix 3 - Environmental Protection to Annex EE for a standardised NATO Operations Plan

  5. Environmental Protection Best Practices for NATO deployed compounds (Handbook)

  6. Recommendation regarding Training and Education for Environmental Management in military compounds.

At the same time custodianship for each document was arranged with standing organisations or working groups with NATO, so that maintenance and update of the documents is guaranteed and the best possible preconditions have been created for a successful implementation in the NATO organisation.

Final Report
  • final report Compounds phase II.pdf (PDF/1021Kb)