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Page Updated: 30-Apr-2007
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Research and Educational Computer Network KazRENA
(Kazakh Research and Education Network Association)

Networking Infrastructure Grant - NIG 982684

Mr. William H. Jensen
Alabama, USA
Dr. Japarov Boris Alikenovich
Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Virtual Silk Highway

This Networking Infrastructure Grant (NIG) establishes a computer class in the Military Institute of Foreign Languages in Almaty and provides the institute with internet connection via the KazRENA network.

KazRENA, the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Kazakhstan, is part of the Virtual Silk Highway Project

The computer class which is established by this NIG comprises 20 desktop PC’s, 5 servers and video-conferencing equipment. It creates a public internet access point for the professors, instructors, students and employees of the Military Institute of Foreign Languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan and provides them with a high quality computer network connection with the members of the local and global academic community.