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Page Updated: 11-Jun-2018
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As of 2008, a printed version is not available anymore. Instead an eNewsletter is sent out by Email. You may subscribe to the mailing list here.

Newsletter - Special Edition 2008
This edition celebrates 50 years of science activities at NATO. As the Chairman of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Committee, Jean-François Bureau, recently put it, "More than ever at NATO, science will serve the overall purpose of the Alliance's public diplomacy, as well as its core priorities."

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Newsletter 75 - Issue 3 - 2007
The new NATO Committee on Science for Peace and Security (SPS) held its inaugural meeting on 20 October 2006 at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. This edition of the newsletter will take a detailed look at the newly launched SPS Committee and its Programme. It will also provide examples of the wide range of activities supported by the SPS Programme, which includes both NATO-supported and nationally-funded activities.

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Newsletter 73 - Issue 1 - 2006
The beginning of 2006 has seen a flurry of activity in the Security through Science Programme, starting in Prague with the NATO Forum on Energy Security on 22-24 February 2006 for discussions on the global threats and challenges to the world's energy system.

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Newsletter 72 - Issue 4 - 2005
Since the NATO Programme for Security through Science was launched at the beginning of 2004, the security-related focus of its collaborative activities has supported NATO's priorities in the current security environment, as exemplified by the activities taking place during the fall of 2005.

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Newsletter 71 - Issue 3 - 2005
A wealth of activities within the NATO Programme for Security through Science has taken place during the summer, starting with the high level meeting of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) Science Committee in St Petersburg, Russia, on 13 and 14 June 2005.

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Newsletter 70 - Issue 2 - 2005
Since its launch at the beginning of 2004, the Security through Science Programme has been contributing to the fight against terrorism, one of NATO's key priorities, putting special emphasis on areas of scientific co-operation such as environment and human and societal security.

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Newsletter 69 - Issue 1 - 2005
Bringing 'Security through Science' is the aim of a growing range of ongoing projects within NATO's security-related science domain. Such projects illustrate the new orientation of the science programme towards security-related activities in line with the Alliance's transformation to meet the new threats and challenges of the 21st century

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Newsletter 68 - Issue 3 - 2004
Over thirty NATO-sponsored workshops on security-related science topics are taking place in the period September to December this year. This is just one indicator of the vitality of the new Security Through Science Programme since its launch at the beginning of the year, and the response of the academic community to the opportunities the programme has to offer.

“A rich dossier of ideas . . . ”
The Technology of Efficient Energy Utilization

A report from our archive of a conference held in 1973 during the oil crisis of those years is being made available here. A review in the UK Financial Times when it was first published remarked that "what the scientists have generated is a rich dossier of ideas for examination in any specific energy-hungry situation, from the needs of a businessman to the needs of a nation". Some of these ideas are still valid, and the current high oil price problem prompts us to make the 60-page report available here in pdf format.

Report: Technology of Efficient Energy Utilization PDF/4171Kb

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Newsletter 67 - Issue 2 - 2004
The NATO Heads of State and Government will hold their next meeting in Istanbul, in June. NATO summit meetings are not frequent events. The Istanbul summit will be only the 17th such meeting in NATO's 55-year history.

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Newsletter 66 - Issue 1 - 2004
As announced in our last edition, we have a new-look newsletter which marks not only the 20th year of publication, but also the inauguration of the new Security Through Science Programme.

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Newsletter 65 - February 2004
This issue of the Newsletter will expand on the new NATO Programme for Security Through Science, which was announced in the last issue, and details of which have been posted at our renewed Security Through Science web site.

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Newsletter 64 - September 2003

This issue of the Science and Society Newsletter recounts how the Science Committee and the CCMS approach the matter of cooperation between NATO and the seven countries of the Mediterranean Dialogue.

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Newsletter 63 - June 2003
The Science Committee will soon convene in Kyiv, in line with its policy of having direct contact once a year with a Partner country. Each of these seminars is a source of mutual enrichment - for Committee members who are able to discover new cultures and a new scientific environment, and for the host country which is able to understand better the Committee's political orientations and ways of working.

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