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Page Updated: 17-Oct-2006
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Prevention and Remediation Issues
in Selected Industrial Sectors

The Pilot Study seeks to define and explore best practices for reducing the health and environmental impact on soil and groundwater from industrial sectors of interest (e.g., metals mining, organic chemical production, gasworks, and fertilizer manufacturing) as well as other unique site “types” (e.g., old landfills, privatization sites [i.e., facilities transitioning from former state ownership in certain categories], mega sites [i.e. large scale former industrial and mining facilities], and shoreline sediment sites).

The pilot study explores the techniques and technologies for preventing and avoiding discharge to soil and groundwater as well as measurement and remediation for that industry sector or site type. It seeks to engage industry and other private sector organizations at the transnational level in sharing and evaluating technical information. In reviewing case studies as well as experience from the previous CCMS pilot study on contaminated land and other sources, this study may be able to assess or benchmark “what is easy to clean,” “what is difficult to clean,” and “what is impossible, at reasonable cost, to clean”. The unique contribution of the study would be measured by its ability to synthesize information regarding best practices, successes and failures, and uncertainties for the sectors of interest.

Annual reports and a cumulative CD are issued after each annual meeting.