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Page Updated: 12-Feb-2007
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Creation of the new Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Committee

The Science Committee and the Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) have together agreed to restructure. “Science for Peace and Security” (SPS) is both the name of the new, single Committee and of the new Programme, resulting from the emergence of common priorities for the NATO Programme for Security through Science and the activities of the CCMS and following the rapidly changing global security environment.

The North Atlantic Council approved on 28 June the Terms of Reference for the new Committee, which will be the primary NATO committee supporting practical cooperation in civil science and innovation.

The SPS Committee will operate under a Work Programme, which will define the content of its activities, in line with NATO’s Strategic Objectives and guidance given by the NATO Council. It will focus on security, environmental sustainability and Partner and Mediterranean Dialogue priorities. The SPS Programme will enable NATO to demonstrate visible support for practical, concrete projects with tangible output.

The restructuring will indeed maximise the synergy between the Science Committee and the CCMS, as well as with other bodies. It will produce a simplified, more effective and fully integrated organisation.

The new SPS Committee will hold its first meeting on 20 October 2006 at NATO Headquarters.