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Page Updated: 13-Sep-2006

News & Events

Understanding the roots of terrorism
A NATO workshop in Prague on 26 and 27 January provided the opportunity for a group of scholars and experts in conflict analysis and resolution to explore the complexity of the causes of today’s security threats.
How can geology help society?
This was a question addressed during a workshop on geological cartography, which took place in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, at the end of November. The context of the question was the relationship of geology to land-use and water planning.
Madrid workshop on threats to security in the Mediterranean basin
A NATO Advanced Research Workshop titled “Developing Collaboration to Assess and Respond to Threats to Security in and around the Mediterranean Basin” took place in Madrid from 19-21 March, and brought together participants from 21 NATO, partner and Mediterranean Dialogue countries.
Science Committee approves new measures
A new support mechanism to help combat the ‘brain drain’ of scientists from Partner countries, was introduced by the NATO Science Committee at its Spring meeting earlier this month. Among other measures introduced were the inclusion of Partner-country priorities in the topics eligible for support under the programme, and stipends for laboratory assistance services for Science for Peace projects and computer networking infrastructure grants.
Workshop considers dimensions of environmental security in the Mediterranean Region
Dimensions of environmental security in the Mediterranean region were discussed at the NATO Advanced Workshop entitled “The Role of Risk Assessment in Environmental Security and Emergency Preparedness in the Mediterranean Region.”
Workshop analyses Tensions in Society
An Advanced Research Workshop entitled “Tensions in Society” took place in St. Petersburg, Russia on 17-20 April 2004. The ARW was within the Priority Research Topic of Human and Societal Dynamics.
Meeting of NATO-Ukraine Working Group on Science and Environment

A meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Scientific and Environmental Cooperation took place at NATO HQ on 28 May.

Special 2004 NATO Summit Science Prize awarded to Turkish Institutes
A special Summit Science Prize was presented to three Turkish universities on the occasion of the NATO Summit in Istanbul, 28-29 June. The three institutes are - Bosphorus University, Istanbul Technical University, and the Middle East Technical University.
Forum on Business and Security
The most pressing issues confronting governments and business in the new international security landscape were addressed at the NATO Forum on Business and Security, 30 June to 2 July, in Istanbul, Turkey.
1 September Application Deadline

1 September is the last deadline in 2004 to submit applications for support under the Programme. See the notes for applicants and download the application forms for the following grants and apply right away:

Ensuring energy security
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Strategies for addressing the debilitation or destruction of energy systems in the event of terrorist attack were the subject of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop in Kyiv from 16 to 18 September. The opening session was attended by the UK Ambassador to Ukraine, Robert Brinkley.
Strengthening cooperation against illicit trafficking
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A workshop designed to reinforce international counter-trafficking cooperation, took place in Norton Manor, UK from 10-12 September. The workshop provided a platform for high-level interactions between key government and non-governmental players involved in the fight against trafficking in weapons of mass destruction and related smuggling activities, The co-directors of this NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Illicit Trafficking: Detection, Deterrence and Interdiction came from Russia and the United Kingdom, and participation was from 20 NATO or Partner countries.
Science and society in the face of new security threats
A workshop took place in Cambridge, UK from 26-28 September, which explored the challenges faced by the science establishments in the new security environment across a range of NATO countries, and examined possible solutions by looking in closer detail at some national case studies.
Afghanistan links to the Virtual Silk Highway
Afghanistan has become the latest link in NATO’s “Virtual Silk Highway” – the project which provides high-speed Internet access to the academic communities of the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Science for Peace approves new projects
Among the sixteen new Science for Peace projects recently approved is a project to develop solid oxide fuel cells which will overcome the current technical barriers to their operation at low or intermediate temperatures. Such a development would lead to clean, reliable and highly efficient production of electricity and heat.
Meeting on Rehabilitation of Old Landfills
This meeting, which is part of the Pilot Study "Prevention and Remediation Issues in Selected Industrial Sectors", dealt with issues related to rehabilitation of old landfill sites. Twenty countries participated, including several NATO partner countries plus the Russian Federation as well as representatives of new member countries. Australia and Japan participated in the meeting as well.