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Page Updated: 20-Sep-2006
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Eligibility and Selection Criteria

NATO Science Partnership Prize
2003 Prize for Collaboration under the NATO Science Programme

Nominations for the 2003 NATO Science Partnership Prize are invited for Collaborative Linkage Grant awardees, or for collaborators on Science for Peace projects which have been underway for at least three years.

Nominations should be submitted by 30 June 2003 (extended from 2 June).

Collaborative Linkage Grant collaborators are eligible for nomination only if final scientific and financial reports on the grant has been submitted and accepted.

Science for Peace grantees are eligible for nomination after the project has been active for a minimum of three years and all required Progress Reports have been submitted. Science for Peace nominees may be any member of the collaborating teams, but must be one from a Partner country and one from a NATO country. If successful, the two nominees would be invited to NATO to receive the Prize from the Secretary General. The prize money would be shared among members of the research teams on the Science for Peace project.

Grantees may not nominate themselves.

The selection criterion is that the partnership must have made an outstanding contribution to research resulting from meaningful collaboration between NATO and Partner or Mediterranean Dialogue country scientists.

Note: Collaborative Linkage Grants do not fund research per se but provide funding either for collaboration on research funded from other sources.

How to Submit Nominations

Nominations should be presented on the Nomination Form which may be downloaded below. When completed the form should be forwarded by e-mail to: science.prize@hq.nato.int . The deadline for receipt of nominations for the 2003 Prize is 30 June 2003.

Click here (right mouse button and "save target as...") to download the Nomination form in Word format.