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Page Updated: 25-Sep-2006

News & Events

NATO Science Committee meets in Ukraine
At the invitation of the Ukrainian authorities, the NATO Science Committee visited Ukraine, for the first time, from 24-28 June.
Final step on the Virtual Silk Highway
More than three years after the first ideas about such an ambitious project were aired during the meeting of the Computer Networking Panel in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in June 2000, and exactly one year after the good news was received from the Virtual Silk Highway team that the first satellite dishes had been installed successfully in Tashkent, the set-up of the Silk Network was complete.
2003 NATO Science Prize awarded for breakthrough in ophthalmic imaging
NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, presented the NATO Science Partnership Prize 2003 to the two winners, Dr. Larichev (Russia) and Dr. Otten (USA) at NATO Headquarters.
The Science Committee at 45
The NATO Science Committee marked its 45th anniversary year with a celebration dinner on 23rd October, to coincide with its autumn meetings which took place on 22-24 October.
NATO Science Programme Changes Course

A new concept for NATO support of civil science has been agreed by the North Atlantic Council following proposals put forward by the NATO Science Committee at its meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine in June. To emphasise the new direction the programme will take, a new name was also chosen; the programme will in future be known as the NATO Programme for Security Through Science.

Forum on Business and Security
The Science of Protection
A meeting on Business and Security will take place in Berlin from 10-12 February 2004, sponsored by the business community, which will provide an opportunity for an examination of current threats to security facing the global economy.
Water monitoring stations inaugurated on Moldova/Romania/Ukraine borders
A NATO Science for Peace project has sponsored the setting up of a small network of four water monitoring stations on the rivers Nistru and Prut, which form the borders between Moldova and Ukraine and Moldova and Romania respectively.
Earthquake remediation initiative demonstrated in Skopje
A Science for Peace (SfP) project on Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings, which resulted from a special initiative of the Science Committee following the severe earthquakes in Istanbul and Athens in 1999, has been featured at commemorations to mark the anniversary of another devastating earthquake in the region - in Skopje, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1, in 1963.
Countries of South-East Europe undertake the modernization of science management
“Modernization of Science Management Approaches” was the title of an Advanced Training Course on science policy which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 28-29 November.
Security issues of desertification in the Mediterranean region debated at NATO workshop
Security issues related to desertification in the Mediterranean region was the subject of a workshop, which took place in Valencia, Spain, on 2-5 December.


(1) Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name