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Page Updated: 05-Mar-2007
Bulletin > No.22

Project Directors' Bulletin No. 22 19 June 2006

Updated Management Handbook

The Management Handbook has been updated as follows:
The six-monthly Progress Reports must reach the SfP Programme Office by
20 April and 20 October (instead of May and November)
For missions, the daily allowance has been increased to 50 EUR (instead
of 45 EUR) per day (Section 5). However, the maximum amount that can be
reimbursed from SfP funds is the NATO per diem times number of nights on
mission. Updated per diem rates can be found at www.nato.int/science
under section SfP Project Directors’ Bulletin.
The maximum honorarium that can be paid to an expert (only from a NATO
country) is 250 EUR (instead of 250 USD)
If covered by the estimated total budget, stipends can be paid to young
scientists (below 40 years) as follows: 50 EUR per month for support
personnel; 75 EUR per month for researchers without PhD; and 100 EUR per
month for researchers with PhD degree. (Section 2.1) Such stipendiary
can only be requested by Partner countries, Mediterranean Dialogue
countries as well as Bulgaria and Romania . The stipends should be paid
from the operational accounts of the Co-Director concerned who will
report these payments with the next replenishment request. As back-up
documents a receipt signed by the stipendiary and a brief (1/2 page)
curriculum vitae must be attached.
From now on would you please use the new PRF and note the updated
abbreviations of currencies (Annex 1a and 1b of the updated Handbook).
Furthermore, please note that the following Annexes have been added to
the Management Handbook:
Table of “Threshold Amounts” that gives an overview of EUR amounts for
which special attention is requested (Annex 11).
Project Quick Start that should make it easier to start your project and
understand the basic administrative procedures. (Annex 12).
The updated Management Handbook can be found at:
http://www.nato.int/science/(information for grantees).