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Page Updated: 05-Mar-2007
Bulletin > No.13

Project Directors' Bulletin No. 13 20 August 2000

Payments through NATO SfP funds: new procedure

As of 1 September 2000, a new procedure for payments through NATO SfP funds will be implemented. The new procedure increases flexibility for payments but also substantially increases the responsibility and accountability of the SfP Project Co-Directors.

The new procedure is as follows:

  1. Each Project Co-Director should request through a Payment Request Form (PRF) an amount up to 300,000 BEF as a "one-off advance" to be transferred to a project-specific bank account (the project's "operational account"). This operational account should be established in the name of each Project Co-Director (NPD, PPD and all other Project Co-Directors to whom a SfP budget was assigned) under the jurisdiction of his/her sponsoring institution.

  2. Out of this 300,000 BEF, Project Co-Directors are authorised to pay, directly and without further authorisation of the NPD or SfP Programme Office, items with a value below 200,000 BEF. These items must, of course, be strictly project related!

  3. When the balance on this "operational account" is below 50,000 BEF, the Co-Director concerned can request the "replenishment" of the operational account. Such request is made through a normal PRF, to which an overview of all paid items and copies of receipts/invoices for all items valued at 10,000 BEF or more are attached as back-up documents. All original receipts/invoices, including those for items with a value below 10,000 BEF, must be kept on file by each Co-Director.

  4. For expenses valued at 200,000 BEF or more, the initial procedure remains unchanged: payments continue to be made by NATO directly to the vendor and original invoices must be sent to the SfP Programme Office (attached to the related PRF!).

  5. The 40,000 BEF per year for administrative expenses for the NPD should be reported in the replenishment request; only for this 40,000 BEF no back up documents are requested.

The new procedure is described in detail in Annex 1 of the revised Management Handbook which will be made available soon. An advance copy of this Annex 1 of the revised Management Handbook is attached. It includes the revised PRF. As of 1 September 2000, payment requests (whether for the "one-off advance" or for other items) will only be considered if submitted on this revised PRF! Incorrect or incomplete requests will be returned.


  1. Attachment 1: Payment Request Form (available in PDF or RTF format)
  2. Attachment 2: Instructions for the Submission of Payment Request Forms (available in PDF or RTF format)
  3. Attachment 3: Overview of Payments from the Operational Account Form (available in PDF or XLS - Excel - format)

Dr. Chris De Wispelaere
Programme Director
Science for Peace Programme