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Page Updated: 16-Oct-2006
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CCMS meetings in Moscow

ASG PDD Mr. Fournet presents to Deputy Minister Stepankov a NATO Crystal

The Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society met in Moscow , Russian Federation on 5th April 2006 , followed by a meeting in NATO Russia Council (NRC CCMS) format on 6th April 2006.

The CCMS meeting focused almost entirely on achieving consensus on the Terms of Reference for the New Committee that will result from the ongoing restructuring of CCMS and the Science Committee. During the meeting, within the framework of the implementation of CCMS key objectives, the third follow-up workshop on “Environmental Management Systems in the Military Sector (EMS)” was presented. This topic has been recommended by Georgia in its Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) as a specific objective. The Georgian Ministry of Defence will host the event, organised in collaboration with Canada , on 3-5 October 2006.

Meeting of the CCMS in Alliance format in Moscow

The NRC CCMS meeting, with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation V. Stepankov, focused on the implementation of the NRC CCMS Action Plan. In his opening speech, the Deputy Minister highlighted that cooperation between CCMS and the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation has continued to develop qualitatively and has increased. Ongoing projects were discussed and new activities were presented. The Canadian CCMS Representative introduced the third follow up workshop on “Oil Spill Technology Development” that will be held in Dartmouth , Canada , on 12-14 October 2006.

The activities of the short-term project on “Ecoterrorism” were presented and the importance of the study in strengthening jointly efforts to counter the new threats and challenges of modern society has been stressed.

NRC CCMS meets at the Ministry of Natural Resources

A presentation on a new workshop on “Remote Sensing Technologies for Low Cost Environmental Monitoring” was given. Organized by Turkey in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Defence, the workshop will take place in Ankara in November 2006.