Updated: 06-Dec-2007
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The Emblem

The history of our insignia goes back to the 3rd Celere Division, which during WWII bravely fought in the Yugoslav campaign (1941) and in Russia (1942) within the Italian Expeditionary Corps.

In 1957, the 3rd IT Corps was established in Milan, in control of three divisions and support units. During almost 40 years of activity the Corps played a key role in contributing and supporting the Italian Contingent deployed in Lebanon in 1982. Furthermore, its units participated in Operation IBIS in Somalia in 1993/4. Finally, in 1997 the Corps assumed responsibility for the “Alba” Mission in Albania, the first multinational Italian-led Mission ever. Fifteen contributing Nations brought humanitarian aid to a country that was in a dramatic economic and political situation.

In 1998, in the wake of the restructuring of the Italian Army, the 3rd IT Corps was transformed into the Projection Forces Headquarters (FOP) in command and control of three Brigades, which were characterized by high mobility and deployability.

In 2001, following NATO’s request of providing a High Readiness Force Headquarters, the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (Italy) (NRDC-ITA) was formed and assumed the following insignia: "A shield in two parts with a sword and an eagle head. The sword is historically based on the one adopted by the CELERE Division during WWII. The eagle head represents the strength and the Headquarters’ ability to quickly deploy. The colours are the same adopted by the Projection Forces HQ. The shield is framed by another shield, which is green and carries the international acronym NRDC-ITA and the motto “UBIQUE CELERE,” which is the Latin for “everywhere rapidly.”