Nato-Russia Council

Counter Narcotics Training Project organises 2014 work

NATO-Russia Council TADOC Counter-Narcotics Training 01 TADOC instructors demonstrating counter narcotics tactics during a course.

Representatives of NRC nations contributing to the Counter Narcotics Training Project met on 22 January in Brussels to coordinate work in 2014.

In what looks set to be a busy year ahead, the project will continue to provide training courses for Afghan, Central Asian and Pakistani counter narcotics officers organised by the UNODC’s Regional Office for Central Asia. This includes over 30 courses at fixed training facilities in Russia, Turkey and the US as well as a number of mobile training courses which will take place in the region.

Canine training courses for Central Asian counter narcotics officers will also begin at the Rostov-on-Don Canine Training Centre in Russia. Specialised subjects such as the identification and interception of clandestine laboratories will also be a focus for other courses, in line with the specific needs identified by the trainees. Building on the work done in 2013, cross border counter narcotics training courses look to continue to be a key theme, promoting regional cooperation in the fight against the illegal narcotics trade.

It is also set to be an important year for the project in terms of looking forward. In the course of 2014, the NRC nations’ representatives are set to meet with representatives from key counter narcotics agencies across Afghanistan, Central Asian nations and Pakistan. Those nations will have an opportunity to let the NRC know what their officers really need to be getting from counter narcotics training courses.

As well in 2014, the Project will also face its regular independent evaluation to check that that its training really is making the difference NRC nations want to achieve in terms of counter narcotics capacity across the region.