Nato-Russia Council

Deputy PM Rogozin meets NATO’s Patrick Auroy

NATO-Russia Council Assistant Secretary General Patrick AuroyNATO Assistant Secretary General Patrick Auroy

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and NATO Assistant Secretary General Patrick Auroy met in Nizhny Tagil Russia, during the Russian Arms Expo 2013, on 25 September. This meeting was their second in two years, and provided an opportunity for Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin and Mr Auroy to review the status of current NATO-Russia defence cooperation while looking to the prospects for further NATO-Russia cooperation.

NATO-Russia cooperation in this field is particularly well developed in the areas of dismounted soldiers and helicopters.  Most importantly, through the Helicopter Maintenance Trust Fund NATO-Russia Council nations work together to provide the Afghan Air Force with helicopter maintenance training that takes place in Novosibirsk. There is also clear potential for other areas to be further explored, where it makes sense for NATO-Russia Council nations to work together to improve security for all.

Patrick Auroy also participated in the plenary discussion at the opening of the exhibition, where he focused on NATO’s smart defence initiative launched in 2011 and aimed at responding to the challenge of dwindling European defence resources through multinational approaches, in the broader context of challenges facing NATO and Russian defence industries.