Nato-Russia Council

Experts discuss military language training cooperation

NATO-Russia Council Linguistics Expert Group 01Mrs Julie Dubeau and General Alexander Burov discuss military language teaching at the NATO-Russia Council Linguistic Experts Group.

Linguistic experts participating in the NRC Expert Group on Terminology met in Brussels on 6 September to discuss taking language training cooperation forward in military education.

The overall aim of such cooperation is to harmonise the standards used to teach and test foreign language levels between NATO and Russian military educational establishments. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, Armed Forces work more and more in multinational frameworks. In this context, harmonized teaching standards which increase the level of foreign language skills are a key facet of ensuring interoperability with other nations.

Mrs Julie Dubeau, representing Canada’s Bureau for International Linguistic Cooperation (BILC), and General Alexander Burov, Acting Russian Military Representative to NATO focused on developing cooperation between the Linguistic Centre of the Military University, Russian Ministry of Defence, in Moscow and BILC, in areas such as workshops on teaching methods and visits to military education linguistic centres across the NRC.