Nato-Russia Council

Chiefs of Defence chart military cooperation progress

NATO-RUSSIA COUNCIL CHIEFS OF DEFENCE STAFF MAY 2013 03Left to right: General Harald Sunde (Chief of Defence, Norway) speaking with Lt. General Arvydas Pocius (Chief of Defence, Lithuania) and Lt. General Mieczyslaw Gocul (Chief of Defence,Poland

NRC Chiefs of Defence gathered in Brussels for a meeting on the 14 May. They took the opportunity provided by the bi-annual meeting to chart progress made in NRC military to military cooperation, and continue the exchange of information on relevant issues such as operations and exercises.

The meeting focused on key areas of military to military cooperation including Search and Rescue at Sea, counter-terrorism cooperation and counter piracy. Cooperation in the NRC on the disposal of excess munitions stocks was also highlighted as a potential new area of work.

Military to military cooperation takes place under the aegis of the NRC Military Representatives work plan which sets out agreed activities to take place throughout the year. Counter piracy has recently become a strong area of military cooperation. NATO and Russian ships on counter piracy operations regularly coordinate at a tactical level in the Gulf of Aden, as well as engaging in joint training exercises to improve tactics to deter, disrupt and protect against piracy. For more information on recent counter piracy exercises click here.

As well as reviewing completed work and activities underway, another key purpose of the Chiefs of Defence meeting is to provide guidance for military to military cooperation going forward to the end of 2013 and beyond. In particular Chiefs of Defence focused on longer term objectives for deepening and broadening NRC military to military cooperation.