Nato-Russia Council

New NRC Glossary on Ammunition Demilitarization


On 14 May, the new NRC Glossary on Ammunition Demilitarization has been published. Click here to download a copy.

The glossary, which contains 253 pages of terms relevant to the subject of ammunition demilitarisation, has been produced as a result of the NRC Expert Group on Terminology’s efforts over several months. Expert advice was provided by personnel from the Russian Ministry of Defence and its Research Institutes, from NATO’s Arms Control and Coordination Section, and from the Defense Threat Reduction Office at the US Embassy in Moscow. It is the largest topical NATO-Russia Council Glossary to date.

The glossary will be put into use facilitating cooperation in the NRC on the demilitarization, disposal and recycling of surplus, obsolete and unstable munitions. This is important area for NRC nations to work on together, in particular because of the dangers excess ammunition can pose to public safety and the environment.

Developing relevant terminology glossaries are an important area of work in the NRC, as having a common linguistic basis can facilitate cooperation and better mutual understanding.

Click here to read an interview with the Expert Group on Terminology’s Co-Chair on linguistic work in the NRC.