Nato-Russia Council

Counter narcotics training committee takes stock of 2013 work


NRC Counter Narcotics Training Project national representatives, meeting for their High Level Steering Session in Tashkent in 2012

Representatives from NATO-Russia Council Counter Narcotics Training Project contributing nations met in Brussels on 19 April, to review training underway, and taking place in 2013.

The year has got off to a great start, with around eight counter narcotics training courses taking place in April alone. This month’s training is taking place at fixed training centres in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ankara, and Krasnoyarsk as well as mobile training in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

Many more counter narcotics courses are planned throughout 2013, including in new specialised training on subjects such as clandestine laboratories. Given the significance of the threat that illegal narcotics trafficking poses, representatives regularly investigate how to broaden the scope of the training the NATO-Russia Council offers, to ensure it meets the requirements of countries in the region to support in developing their counter narcotics capacities.


Examples of teaching aids used in forensics training

Representatives from two of the project’s fixed training sites, the North Western Training Center in St. Petersburg, and the Siberian Law Institute based in Krasnoyarsk, also attended the meeting. Both centres gave lively presentations on their extensive training facilities and courses offered to counter narcotics officers to develop their skills in this vital area of work. This includes training in areas such as operational and investigative activities, the use of forensic tools, firearms training, and operational psychology.


Firearms training constitutes part of counter narcotics courses

The North Western Training Center in St. Petersburg has been featured in a news report on Russian TV. Representatives from the centre presented the report to the committee, covering the training and live demonstrations of tactical exercises that the trainees participate in, including raids on suspect buildings. Click here to watch the video.