Nato-Russia Council

Sharing Experience on Building Military Camps

NATO-Russia Council Logistics Campbuilding Workshop 01NATO, Russian, and UN representatives at camp building Workshop in Italy

Military engineers from NATO-Russia Council nations and the UN met in Italy to exchange information on camp building logistics and engineering, and observe practical demonstration between the 26-27th of March.

The first day of the workshop focused on deployability and camp building issues from the perspective of multinational organisations. Practical demonstrations of selected NATO equipment, assets and facilities followed briefings by personnel representing NATO and the UN, including from the NATO Military Engineering Centre of Excellence. In his briefing, Mr. Giovanni Ferraro, from the UN Logistics Base gave an introduction to peacekeeping operations and the activities of the UN Engineering Standardization and Design Centre. The practical demonstrations gave participants the opportunity to see NATO equipment and observe the procedures used in deploying them on the ground.NATO-Russia Council Logistics Campbuilding Workshop 02NATO Logistics experts demonstrate equipment.

The second day was dedicated to national approaches and exchanges of experiences and information. Colonel Alexander Shirokov, Deputy Chief of the Research & Development Institute of Military Engineering presented the Russian Armed Forces’ general approach to compound deployment, on issues such as water and food provision. There were also briefings from the UK Ministry of Defence and the Czech Republic’s University of Defence.

The Workshop generated a lot of discussion about camp construction, maintenance and management techniques. Participants also addressed topics for of future NATO-Russia cooperation on camp building, on areas such as power generation and distribution for deployable base camps, and camp construction in extreme conditions.

The NATO-Russia Council continues to develop productive areas of practical military cooperation, and Military Engineering and Logistics is no exception to the trend. In a few months’ time NATO-Russia Council nations will participate in Capable Logistician 2013, a large scale military logistics exercise involving around 37 nations and over 1800 personnel. Exercise Capable Logistician 2013 aims to develop standardized procedures and improve overall interoperability between nations on military logistics.

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