Nato-Russia Council

Foreign Ministers launch Project on Ammunition Disposal

NATO-Russia Council Ammunition Demilitarization Project 01Excess and aging stocks of ammunition will be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner during the project.

NRC Foreign Ministers launched an NRC Trust Fund for the disposal of excess ammunition, at their meeting on 4 December in Brussels. This Pilot Project will take place in Kaliningrad Region, Russia.

Through this new Project, NRC nations will work together, pooling their varied expertise and resources, to ensure that excess and aging stocks of ammunition can be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The Pilot Phase builds on the results of a Feasibility Study that was conducted in 2013 in Kaliningrad by the NATO Support Agency.The entire project is expected to span 5 years from when work begins.

Through this important new Project NRC nations have the chance to prove again the benefits of cooperation that this unique framework brings.

Scott Willason, the NATO Support Agency’s Chief, Ammunition Support Branch, said:

“The dangers of excess and obsolete stocks of ammunition are clear and the resolution of these dangers is in the interest of all nations. As a result, this project has the real potential to bring tangible benefits to populations and the environment across a number of NRC nations by dramatically reducing the risks associated with large stocks of excess ammunition.
The project also foresees the use of the environmentally-conscious technology to dispose of ammunition and to ensure that our efforts provide no negative impact to our surroundings, either now or at any time in the future".