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Turkish counter-narcotics chief talks about training

NATO-Russia Council TADOC Counter-Narcotics Training 03Central Asian counter-narcotics officers being trained in criminal investigation techniques as part of a NATO-Russia Council training course at TADOC.

Mr Bahadir Kucukuysal the Deputy Director of the Turkish International Academy against Drugs and Organized Crime (TADOC) took the time on the margins of the NRC Counter Narcotics Training Project Donors’ meeting on 2 October 2013 to speak to the NATO-Russia Council website team about his role training counter-narcotics officers from all over the world, including the Afghan, Central Asian and Pakistani officers trained through the NRC.

NRC Website: Can you give us some information about your role and, more broadly, TADOC as an organisation?

Mr Kucukuysal:

"In my role as Deputy Director of TADOC, I am responsible for international training. TADOC as an organisation conducts both international and domestic training courses. In terms of international training, we started working with the UNODC in 2000, and this has been an immensely successful partnership in terms of international training which we began implementing in 2004. However, TADOC also plays a key role in training Turkish police officers in counter narcotics. Selected police officers are trained by TADOC across a number of vital areas and our work has had considerable impact which we can see through Turkey’s impressive record of combating illegal narcotics trafficking."

NRC Website: How did TADOC become involved in NATO-Russia Council counter narcotics training?

Mr Kucukuysal:

"TADOC has long standing cooperation with all the key international organisations working in this field, including the OSCE and the UNODC, and TADOC has been involved in the NRC’s work in counter narcotics training from the beginning."

NATO-Russia Council TADOC Counter-Narcotics Training 02Counter-narcotics officers during training at the Turkish International Academy against Drugs and Organized Crime

NRC Website: What are the benefits of NRC counter narcotics training?

Mr Kucukuysal:

"The key strength of the NRC’s work lies in the fact that it is a truly international effort. The project has the support of a range of key nations each contributing their unique strengths to the training programme. I can testify that TADOC’s cooperative work with instructors from many different nations has definitely been a factor in our success as we learn from each other and indeed from the trainees as well.  The work of the UNODC as our partner has been integral to the effort, and we see in the feedback we get from trainees after the courses they attend, that our NRC work is highly appreciated and deeply useful experience that contributes to their work against illegal narcotics trafficking.

A key subject that we have had significant success in is training in investigative methods. This is due to the fact that the methods and techniques for investigative work that we provide training on are applicable universally across the region and beyond. The trainees can begin applying the investigative methods they have learned during the courses as soon as they return to their jobs."

NRC Website: Have you seen changes over recent years in regional capacity to combat illegal narcotics trafficking?

NATO-Russia Council TADOC Bahadir Küçükuysal TADOC's Deputy Director Dr. Bahadir Küçükuysal

Mr Kucukuysal:

"I think that a key change can be seen through the different profiles of trainees we are seeing today to when we began the project. At the beginning the trainees coming to our courses needed basic counter narcotics training more than anything else. But today more and more we see counter narcotics officers with a broad basis of experience, which require more specialised training courses which we are happy to provide. Overall this shows achievements in the development in regional capacity in recent years."

The Turkish International Academy against Drugs and Organized Crime

The Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM), which is the main body responsible for fighting drug trafficking in Turkey, has invested great efforts to curb drug trafficking transiting through Turkey. In 2012, Turkey has been the leading country in heroin seizures with over 13 tons of heroin.  Being the training unit of the KOM Department, TADOC has a significant advantage in terms of benefiting from Turkey’s field experience. This is key for TADOC’s success story.

TADOC is one of the leading training centers in the world that offers basic and expertise level trainings on counter-narcotics and organized crime. With an increasing demand for TADOC trainings each year, TADOC successfully continues its mission to identify and meet the training needs of the law enforcement agencies around the world. TADOC trainings not only serve to build and enhance capacity, but also make significant contributions to build trust and develop cooperation among law enforcement agencies of the regional countries. Reinforced with the successful field experience of Turkey, TADOC trainings reflect a good harmonization of theory and practice. Since its establishment, TADOC has implemented 423 international trainings with the participation of 7698 law enforcement personnel from 86 countries.