Nato-Russia Council

Helicopter Maintenance Trust Fund Executive Steering Committee meets


The Helicopter Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) Executive Steering Committee met in Brussels last week on the 15th of November to discuss the project’s progress, and future potential.

The NRC HMTF project trains Afghan Air Force technicians in helicopter maintenance and provides spare parts for helicopters. The ultimate goal is to bolster the AAF’s helicopter maintenance capabilities and as a result, the self sufficiency of the AAF.

During their meeting NRC representatives considered the achievements of the first phase of the project. The high quality of the training course and its educators, provided by the Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant in Russia, was once again commended for its flexibility in adjusting materials and curriculum to suit the training needs of the Afghan participants. By the end of the first phase of the project 30 helicopter technicians will have been trained and reintegrated into the Afghan National Army Air Corps, and over 3 million USD worth of helicopter spare parts will have been delivered to the Afghan Air Force.

The NRC HMTF has demonstrated what can be achieved when NRC nations work together on practical projects towards common goals, in this case their shared interest in ensuring security and stability in Afghanistan. Along with the NRC Counter Narcotics Training Project, the HMTF is one of the NRC’s flagship projects delivering concrete results.