Nato-Russia Council

NRC Logistics Prepare Busy 2013


NRC Logistics Working Group produces full work programme for 2013

NRC Logistics Groups look set to have a busy year ahead of them, with a wide range of Logistics and Medical Cooperation activities due to take place. This includes Capable Logistician 2013, a large scale multinational military logistics exercise.

Fuels Interoperability, Water Generation and Deployable Camp Building Cooperation

In 2013 conferences on fuel interoperability will continue focusing on exchanging technical and practical information on fuel and fuel handling equipment. NRC Logistics Working Groups will also look at the possibility of supplying fuel to support counter piracy operations.

There will also be further exchanges of practical information on water generation and handling equipment. This will be a key step forward in examining the interoperability between NRC nations in terms of deployable water production, storage and distribution equipment.


NRC nations will also explore sharing information on rapidly deployable camps and evaluate the commonality of camp building operational procedures. They will assess the possibility of cooperating during the camp building phase as well as sharing the various services available between NATO and Russian Federation.

Medical Cooperation

Medical Cooperation activities for 2013 will include seminars, conferences, workshops and expert meetings. The meetings will cover a range of topics from emergency medical support for ships involved in current and future operations to specialist areas such as Force Health Protection.

Exercise Capable Logistician 2013 (CL13)

In preparation for the large scale exercise CL13, a Table Top Exercise was held in Bratislava, at the Slovakian Ministry of Defence, between the 8 and 12 of October. The aim was to develop the scenario and objectives for CL13. 24 nations have confirmed they will contribute more than 1400 personnel to the Logistics Exercise: Capable Logistician.

The principle behind the CL13 exercise is to improve multinational cooperation on logistics, through sharing tasks which will essentially make more efficient use of resources. CL13 aims to develop and improve overall interoperability and standardize the procedures used, to ensure they are familiar to all forces involved in multinational operations. Nations will assess each other’s current Logistics systems and equipment, and look at where similar procedures exist between them.

The Logistics functional areas which are due to be exercised during CL13 are: Ammunition, Fuel, Water, Maintenance and Recovery, Movement and Transportation, Material Handling, Helicopter operations, RSOM, Asset Tracking, LOGFAS (LOGREP, ADAMS, CORSOM, EVE), JLSG, MILUs, OLCM, and Electric power production.

CL13 is scheduled to take place in June 2013, in what will be an extremely busy and productive year for NRC cooperation on Logistics.

In parallel to all of these planned practical activities, the NRC Logistics Working Group will have a full schedule of meetings taking place at NATO HQ.