Nato-Russia Council

NRC Cooperation on Afghanistan on the Agenda


The NRC subgroup on Afghanistan was created as a forum in 2010 to help build cooperation on Afghanistan in areas of mutual interest, including developing Afghan national security force capabilities and providing logistical support for ISAF. This group met yesterday in Brussels, as it does on a regular basis, to discuss issues of common interest. The sub group on Afghanistan operates under the NRC Operational, Defence Cooperation Working Group.

The NRC has a number of successful practical cooperation projects on Afghanistan, Projects to train Afghan Air Force (AAF) helicopter maintenance technicians, and Counter Narcotics Officers in combating drug trafficking, are on-going, run by NRC Executive Steering Committees. NATO and Russia also recently agreed on new transit arrangements for transporting cargo to and from Afghanistan in support of ISAF. A successful trial run was completed in September this year, which tested the practical and legal procedures of transporting a virtual cargo.

Practical cooperation on Afghanistan is one of the most active areas of the NRC's work and NRC nations share a common interest in ensuring stability and security in Afghanistan.