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NRC Explosive Ordnance Disposal Seminar in Slovakia


An NRC Seminar on "Explosive Ordnance Disposal in the Post-2014 Environment" took place on the 20th of September in Trenčin, Slovakia in cooperation with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Centre of Excellence.

Approximately 50 participants from NRC nations were involved, including representatives from the Russian Foreign, Defence and Interior Ministries, as well as the Federal Security Service and the Investigative Committee. 

The NRC seminar, chaired by Dr. Jamie Shea, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, followed live demonstrations and trials of the latest technological solutions to EOD hosted by the Trenčin Centre of Excellence.


Representatives from NATO's Allied Command Transformation and the Trenčin EOD Centre of Excellence opened the NRC seminar with their perspectives on the future role of EOD, post-2014. National perspectives were then presented by the Russian Ministry of Defence and Federal Security Service, as well as the Belgian EOD Group Commander. Presentations from these experts offered valuable insights on Explosive Ordnance Disposal activities.

The seminar then broke into syndicate groups for further discussion of future challenges and issues, which led to lively exchanges of views and useful suggestions for NRC cooperation to be taken into consideration and further work. 

This NRC seminar offered an opportunity for NRC nations to exchange views on an important topic related to counter-terrorism.  It took place under the auspices of the NRC Action Plan on Terrorism, which encourages practical cooperation in preventing terrorism, combating terrorist activities and managing the consequences of terrorist acts.

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