Nato-Russia Council

NRC Publishes Glossaries On Helicopters And Missile Defence

New NRC Glossary 2012


The NRC Expert Group on Terminology has continued its valuable linguistic work by producing two new NATO-Russia Council Glossaries. The first covers the subject of helicopter maintenance. It is a timely practical tool to assist in the important work underway in the NRC Helicopter Maintenance Trust Fund. The project provides helicopter maintenance training and spare parts to the Afghan Air Force to support their helicopter capabilities. 

The second glossary contains a list of terms relevant to missile defence, intended to facilitate communication between NATO and Russia on missile defence issues. NATO and Russia agreed at the 2010 NRC Summit in Lisbon todiscuss pursuing missile defence cooperation. Work continues in the NRC Missile Defence Working Group. 

The two new glossaries are a supplementary to the NATO-Russia Council Consolidated Glossary of Cooperation (NRCCGC), which was launched in May 2011 by Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, then Chairman of the NRC - Military Representatives, and Army General Nikolay Makarov, the Russian Federation Chief of Defence. This glossary contains over 7000 agreed terms in Russian and English and covers almost all key areas of NATO-Russia political and military cooperation such as counter-terrorism, counter-piracy, logistics, military-to-military cooperation. You can find it at this link: 

The work producing glossaries has been a longstanding and a highly valuable area of cooperation in the NRC. Providing an agreed terminology baseline contributes to better mutual understanding in the NATO-Russia Council, which will help broaden and deepen NATO-Russia dialogue and cooperation. 

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Further NRC glossaries are available to download on our Glossaries page: