Nato-Russia Council

NRC Visiting Session Sochi: Remarks by Minister Lavrov

Mr. Chairman. Dear Colleagues. I welcome you to Sochi and hope your visit to Russia will be helpful in all respects. I take this opportunity to congratulate our American partners on their national holiday.

At the NRC summit in Lisbon, we embarked on creating a common space of peace, security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region. We agreed that the time of dividing lines, spheres of influence, and areas with different levels of security is gone. Today there is a great opportunity to buttress our shared focus on a true strategic partnership which would open the way for the positive interdependence of the Euro-Atlantic states and for a reorientation of the potentials from mutual deterrence to effective counteraction against common security problems. We intend to make full use of the capabilities of the NRC and all its working mechanisms for this purpose. The success of its activities will serve as a catalyst for cooperation in the broader Euro-Atlantic security architecture. We have no doubt about it.

The very fact of the NRC's visiting session in Russia is an important political signal to public opinion in our countries. I am confident that the upcoming meeting with the President of Russia will give a new impetus to cooperation in various fields on an equal footing, and strengthen the fabric of interaction between Russia and NATO in the fight against common real security challenges, pursuing common goals on the basis of coordinated approaches.