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Highlights of the NRC-MR Work Plan 2008

Highlights of the NRC-MR Work Plan 2008

2008 promises to be a challenging and eventful NRC-MR Agenda year. Currently 88 activities are planned. In six areas of cooperation, a flavour of the programme is shown by several of the high profile activities scheduled to take place, as reflected below:

Starting with the Theatre Missile Defence Computer Assisted Exercise which took place 16-24 January in Ottobrunn, Germany with more than 30 high ranking officers participating in the 22 January Distinguished Visitors Day, including the Chairman of the NRC-MR.

In the May/June timeframe the NATO Submarine Rescue exercise BOLD MONARCH 2008 will be conducted off the coast of Norway. Russia will take an active part in the exercise.

Regarding naval cooperation, NATO aims to conduct two port visits to Russia, with the first one being to Baltiysk in early February and the second to Novorossiysk on the Black Sea in July.

In August/September RUSSIA will continue her support to Operation Active Endeavor.

In 2008 planning will take place for the conduct of two exercises in 2009, a Communications Exercise as part of COMBINED ENDEAVOUR 2009 and a Command Post Exercise as part of STEADFAST JOIST 2009. These exercises will help prepare for a 2010 Joint Live Crisis Response Operations Exercise, planning for which will also be ongoing this year.


Operation Active Endeavour is part of NATO's maritime contribution to the fight against terrorism. Launched in October 2001, it continues to conduct surveillance and monitoring operations of the major shipping lanes of the Mediterranean. To date, Active Endeavour units have conducted some 119 compliant boardings of merchant vessels at sea. NATO decided in 2004 to enlist the support of Partner countries, Mediterranean Dialogue countries and other selected nations. Russia became the first Partner to support the operation with a ship in September 2006. Ukraine was the second Partner to contribute, deploying a frigate in June 2007. Russian Federation ship LADNIY supported OAE in Sept 07. RFS LADNIY was the second vessel to contribute to OAE following the successful deployment RFS PITLIVIY in September 2006. In Nov 07 the Russian Chief of Defence confirmed continued support to OAE in 2008, most likely to happen in Aug/Sep.

TMD Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX)

Exercise conducted in Ottobrunn Germany in January 08. Three Command Post exercises were already conducted (2004 in USA, 2005 in NLD, 2006 in RUSSIA). The aim of the CAX was to plan NRC TMD operations in the context of preparation for a larger NRC Crisis Response Operation with simulated deployment and redeployment of TMD forces and provide TMD protection to simulated assets. Additionally, the CAX was designed to further develop and define consolidated coordination procedures, and prepare and execute coordinated planning to develop a robust defence design.


Overall exercise intent: NATO Triennial Submarine Escape and Rescue Exercise (including medical aspects, submarine escape & rescue interoperability, development of rescue systems and procedures). Scenario is slated to include Alliance and Non-NATO nation submarine crew rescue. Russian participation in the exercise is important for submarine safety in general, achievement of the overall aims and objectives of the exercise in particular, and on a higher level the delivery of the NATO-Russia Council - Military Representatives Work Plan.


At the NRC-MR Chiefs of Defence meeting in Nov 07 the RUSSIA CHOD confirmed Russia's intention to participate in a NATO-Russia Joint Crisis Response exercise in 2010, including land, naval and air force participation. An informal staff meeting was held in Oct 07 where they in general agreed to a general framework. Further planning, including development of aims and objectives will take place in 2008.


Overall exercise intent: Annual US EUCOM sponsored, "in the spirit of" the Partnership for peace (PfP), C4 Integration and Interoperability Exercise. It enables interoperability between US and NATO/PfP military C4 equipment by documenting and exercising technical and procedural solutions. Conceptual planning for the Russian partition of this exercise began in Dec 07.


Overall exercise intent: To exercise a JFC headquarters to deploy and manage a major joint operation following an NRF operation, using existing infrastructure.