Nato-Russia Council

Ambassador Grushko speaks about NRC nuclear seminar


Russia's Ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grushko, spoke to the NATO-Russia Council website on the recent NRC Seminar on Nuclear Doctrines and Strategies, an official activity of the NRC Defence, Transparency, Strategy and Reform Nuclear Experts group.  

The Seminar was hosted by the Netherlands in The Hague from 26 to 28 June. Over 70 experts and senior staff from NATO-Russia Council nations participated, exchanging views on the role of nuclear weapons in NATO-Russia Council nuclear weapons states’ national doctrines and strategies, and in NATO’s Strategic Concept.  

Policy officials from the United Kingdom, the U.S., France, the Russia Federation and NATO provided briefings on national and Alliance nuclear policy.  This was the fourth such NRC seminar on nuclear policy, doctrine and strategy.  Germany (2005), Norway (2009) and NATO (2011) hosted the previous meetings.

Interview with Ambassador Grushko on the NATO-Russia Council Seminar on Nuclear Doctrines and Strategies

How does the Russian Federation assess the outcome of the NRC Seminar on Nuclear Doctrines and Strategies?

Ambassador Grushko:

"We think that the Seminar is instrumental in promoting confidence, predictability and understanding among NRC Nations with regard to new aspects of nuclear postures. It provides a forum to gain further insight and to exchange views on the role of nuclear forces in nuclear doctrines and strategies of the NRC Nuclear Weapon States and NATO. As for Russia, we took advantage of this opportunity to explain in detail our approaches to the nuclear weapons problematique."

Was there a discussion on the prospects for further steps in nuclear disarmament?

Ambassador Grushko:

"During the Seminar we touched upon many issues, and, of course, some of them were directly related to nuclear disarmament. We had a useful exchange on the ways to create conditions needed to advance this process on the basis of equal and indivisible security for all. On our part, we presented Russian ideas in this regard, grounded on holistic approach that requires taking into account the integrity of all factors that may negatively affect strategic stability. As you know, at this moment in time, we are focused on implementing the New START Treaty. We seem to be on a good track with our American partners in this endeavor, but we still need another several years to reach the limits coordinated in the Treaty. Furthermore, we believe that it is high time to start thinking about multilateralization of nuclear disarmament. That was, among other things, our message to the NRC partners."