Updated: 18-Aug-2005 NATO 50th Anniversary

In recognition of the role played by the Alliance in enhancing security in the Euro-Atlantic area for the past 50 years, 1999 will be marked by a series of activities and events in NATO Member countries and in Partner countries. These will highlight the transformation of the Alliance since the end of the Cold War, NATO's current role and responsibilities in peacekeeping and other fields and future challenges facing NATO and its Partners in extending security throughout the Euro-Atlantic area.

My Country and NATO

NATO Countries celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Alliance by offering specific information on dedicated web-modules:

Activities and Events

A list of Activities and Events organised in NATO Member countries and in Partner Countries, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the North Atlantic Alliance, is available with links to websites.

The Logo
The Official Logo is available in different types and file formats

The Screen Saver
A screen saver is available for Windows and MacOS

The Photo Library
A photographic database, containing over 900 images, has been created depicting 50 years of NATO history

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