Updated: 17 August 1999 Calendar of Activities

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Events included are those which have been made known to the NATO Office of Information and Press. This agenda will be updated continuously. Further information on 50th anniversary activities is available from the Office of Information and Press, NATO HQ, 1110, Brussels, BELGIUM. Fax : +32 2 707 4579. E-mail : natodoc@hq.nato.int.

Items in blue have been added recently.

11th - A series of five Belgian commemorative postal stamps are presented during a ceremony held at the print office of the Post in Malines, Belgium. (Photos are available Photos available)

25th - A major international conference on "The 50th anniversary of the Atlantic Alliance : a new NATO for a new Europe", is taking place in Rome. It is co-sponsored by NATO, the Defence Committee of the Italian House of Deputies and the Italian Institute of International Affairs.

NATO's 50th Anniversary Competition NAA New Website
The NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NAA) is running an online competition. The contest consists of questions about NATO and its history. The winner will pull off 1000 EURO and a trip to Warsaw to participate in the North Atlantic Assembly Session as a guest of the NAA.

1st - Secretary General, Javier Solana is giving a speech on "The New NATO - a Strategy for the 21st Century" at the Aspen Institute Berlin as part of their series on "Security in the Next Century"

1st - 3rd - The Leangkollen Annual Conference in Norway is focusing on NATO yesterday, today and tomorrow, in the context of the 50th anniversary. Conference proceedings will be available on the NATO website.

4th - The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian authorities are organising their Annual Atlantic lunch, in the presence of the Vice-President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Todor Kavaldzhiev, the Mayor of Sofia, Mr Sofianski, and NATO Ambassadors. (On invitation only)

5th - The "Atlantische Commissie" (ATLCOM) of the Netherlands is organising an "educational" conference in Utrecht, Netherlands, on the history and future of NATO. Discussions aim at some 200-250 geography, history and civic secondary school teachers and other interested people. The persons wishing to attend the conference are invited to send their request directly to the Atlantische Commissie Nederland.

8th - The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association (Atlantsammenslutningen Danmark) is producing the second issue of a newsletter on the events and activities being organised to celebrate NATO's 50th Anniversary in Denmark.

12th - 13th: The Empire Club of Canada and the Atlantic Council of Canada (ACC) are hosting the Secretary General of NATO at the Royal York in Toronto. Following the Secretary General's address, the Atlantic Council is hosting a conference on NATO related issues at the Canadian Forces College.

15th - The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association (Atlantsammenslutningen Danmark) is releasing a free, interactive internet-game entitled 'Clever Moves'. This politico-military strategic game will also be available in English language at the following address: http://www.CleverMoves.net

18th - A one-day conference is held in Oslo on "NATO and Norway's military security needs". It is organised by the Alumni Association of the National Defence College, Norway.

19th - The Alumni Association study group has a seminar at the National Defence College, Oslo, Norway, focusing on NATOs new role and Norway's military needs. The seminar is followed by the yearly meeting where Ambassador Vigleik Eide is giving an introduction.

23rd - 24th - A seminar on the European security environment in the year 2000, related to 50 years of NATO, is organised at the Superior Royal Institute of Defence in Brussels, in collaboration with the Belgian Atlantic Association.

24th - The Royal Danish Postal service is issuing an anniversary stamp using the 50th anniversary logo.

25th - 26th - An international conference on "The Mediterranean Dialogue and the New NATO" is organised in Valencia. The RAND Corporation presents an update of its Rome 1997 conference study on cooperation in the Mediterranean region. It is co-sponsored by NATO, the Centro Español de Relaciones Internacionales (CERI), the Spanish Government and the Local Government of Valencia.

26th - 27th - The Hungarian Atlantic Council is holding its First Annual Conference on Atlanticism, "The Future of Trans-Atlantic Relations: Central and Eastern Europe's Contribution" in the Hilton Hotel, in Budapest, Hungary.

28th February - 2nd March - The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organising an international conference entitled "Five years of Partnership for Peace", in Bucarest.

NATO Review - A 50th anniversary commemorative edition will be published this month.

Publications - The Public Relations Office of the Slovene Government has organised translation into Slovene language, printing and distribution of the new NATO's brochures "Extending Security in the Euro-Atlantic Area: the Role of NATO and Its Partner Countries" and "Partnership and Cooperation: Security Shared", in 3000 copies each.

Essay Competition - Denmark - The Danish government has arranged an essay competition in order to celebrate NATO's 50th anniversary. All young high school students are invited to participate and to submit their essay to the Danish Foreign Policy Institute by 15 April 1999 at the latest.

4th - A special session attended by NATO Secretary General Javier Solana, is organised at the Luxembourg House of Deputees.

4th - 6th - An international conference focusing on the role of international organisations in handling transformations in Central and Eastern Europe is organised by the Centre for European Security Studies, Groningen. It is entitled : "Taking stock on transformation".

5th - 6th - The Joint Baltic American National Committee is organising a two-day conference on Baltic Security at the Crystal City Mariott Hotel, Virginia, US.

5th - 7th - The German Atlantic Association is holding a seminar, on "NATO's 50 Years: Security for the whole of Europe" in Tutzing, Germany.

8th - The "Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défence Nationale" in Paris is holding a conference on "European Security and Defence Identity and Transatlantic Link" where NATO Secretary General Javier Solana is expected to give a speech.

8th - The postal services of Luxembourg are issuing a stamp commemorating NATO's 50th anniversary.

8th - 10th - A high profile international security policy conference is organised by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), London, on NATO's present and future missions, the transatlantic link and cooperation with Russia, Ukraine and other partner countries.

10th - The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is organising a seminar entitled "US and NATO Policy in the Former Yugoslavia, from Bosnia to Kosovo" at their center in Washington D.C.

11th - The German post is issuing a commemorative stamp which will be officially introduced to the public on 14th April at the German Ministry of Defence.

11th - 14th - A joint NATO/North Atlantic Assembly (NAA) seminar is held in Borovetz, Bulgaria, on the theme of the 50th anniversary and the way forward. It is held in the framework of the NAA's Rose-Roth programme, bringing together parliamentarians from NATO and Central and Eastern European countries.

12th - A commemorative postage stamp and envelope are issued by the Czech national post on the occasion of the accession of the Czech Republic to NATO and the 50th anniversary of NATO.

12th - The Czech national bank is issuing commemorative golden medals on the occasion of both the accession of the Czech Republic to NATO and NATO 50th anniversary.

12th - The Czech Ministry of Defence, in association with the "Bizuterie-Ceska' mincouna" is releasing a special commemorative serie of commonly usable coins.

12th - Telephone cards using the official NATO logo design are publicly distributed by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with SPT Telekom.

15th - The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association (Atlantsammenslutningen Danmark) is publishing:

  • an anniversary folder with information on NATO. The full package also includes anniversary posters and stickers with NATO's 50th anniversary logo and a national anniversary design;

  • an anniversary booklet including 14 articles covering the period since the signing of the Washington Treaty to NATO in the 21st century (an English version may also be produced);

  • an anniversary booklet for the younger generation on NATO's history and development and the Danish relationship to NATO.

19th - 20th - The Athens International Conference (see the summary) is organised under the auspices and sponsorship of the International Secretariat of NATO around the theme "NATO's Second Half Century".

22nd - 25th - The Military History Research Institute in Potsdam, Germany, is organising a conference, "From Schuman to Harmel: the Federal Republic of Germany between NATO and European integration", aimed at historians.

24th - The Czech National Bank is producing a 50th anniversary commemorative silver coin.

26th - An inter-university colloquium is organised in Brussels (Palais d'Egmont) on "NATO in the 21st century" by the Belgian Atlantic Assocation, in cooperation with all the Belgian universities, the Royal Superior Institute of Defence and the College of Europe in Bruges.

26th - 27th - The Institute for Central European Studies of the Teleki Laszlo Foundation is organised, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, an international conference, called "NATO Entering the 21st Century - A Strategic Vision for Central Europe".

29th - The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, in collaboration with the Bulgarian Post-Office, is issuing commemorative postage stamps and envelopes.

31th - The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is organising a seminar on "NATO's Strategic Concept: what should it be?" at their center in Washington D.C., US.

31st - The President of the Brussels-Capital section, Vlaams Brabant, Walloon Brabant is giving a flag to Mr J-P Poncelet, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, in charge of the Energy. This flag will stream between the Cinquantenaire arches during the week of 4th April, 50th anniversary of NATO, during the Washington Summit (23-25 April) and in the future at any important meeting of NATO in Brussels. This flag will be given by Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Defence to Mr Patrick Lefèvre, chief-curator at the Royal Museum of Army and Military History.

31st - The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, in co-operation with the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is organising a NATO day at the American University of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria:

  • Second inter-institutional seminar of the project "Information Strategy for Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic Integration: the Role of Non-Governmental Organisations", co-sponsored by PHARE Democracy Programme and organised by the NATO Information Centre in Bulgaria.
  • Official opening of the travel exhibition "NATO at 50".
  • Lecture given by H.E. José Coderch, Ambassador of Spain to Bulgaria on the theme "A New NATO for a New Europe".

31st - A lecture on "NATO's Role in the International System" is being given by the Director of the Danish Institute of Foreign Affairs at the Royal Danish Military Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Publication - The "Atlantische Commissie" of the Netherlands (ATLCOM) and the Clingendael Institute are preparing an academic publication on "NATO after Madrid".

Publication - Articles about NATO history, structure and activities are being published throughout the year in the Georgian official governmental newspaper "Sakartvelos Republica". A significant part of these articles is being issued in April at the occasion of the Washington Summit.

Publication - Articles about past and current activities of NATO are being published in the April issue of the official journal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia -"Politica".

5th - The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and the Mayor of Sofia are co-hosting a Commemorative Gala Concert to be broadcast on the Bulgarian National TV, as well as the Annual Reception and an opening of the Photo Exhibition on the theme "Bulgaria on the way to NATO", at the Concert Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria.

5th - 12th - A drawing or painting display is set up by the SHAPE International School, Mons, Belgium.

5th - 16th - The Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS) is sponsoring the 1999 Atlantic Crisis Game, a role playing international exercise on the Internet. Participants include over 20 colleges and universities in North America and Europe. The simulation addresses the economic, political, and security dimensions of Atlantic relations. It is preceded by live videoconferences with senior national and international officials, and followed by of debriefing sessions with academic and policymaking experts. The simulation is open to applications from any college or university faculty member.

5th - 25th - The Czech Ministry of Defence in Prague is organising an exhibition on the accession of the Czech Republic to NATO, which is also including a mobile exhibition from NATO.

6th April - 3rd May - A small, movable display of historical pictures is set up from 6th to 12th April at SHAPE Main Building, then from 19th to 26th April at Mons City Centre, before coming back to SHAPE International School in Mons from 26 April until 3 May.

7th - A major commemorative meeting is being organised by the Norwegian Government in co-operation with the Norwegian Atlantic Committee and People & Defence, at the University Auditorium in Oslo, Norway. The event, covered by live TV, is attended by high level official representatives from the Parliament and the Defence Forces, as well as the Prime Minister who is also giving the main speech.

8th - A parade, executed by Allied Units and bands, and a reception is held at NATO Headquarters, Brussels. The Military Committee are unveiling a commemorative stone erected at NATO HQ, Brussels, on the same day.

8th - The Norwegian Atlantic Committee is organising a seminar entitled "Partners in Security" at Oslo Militære Samfund (Oslo Military Society), Oslo, Norway.

8th - The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria is organising a NATO day in the town of Smoljan, Bulgaria:

  • Seminar on "Bulgaria and NATO" at the Military Club in Smoljan.
  • Lecture on "NATO at 50: The Transatlantic Link" given by H.E. Avis Bohlen, Ambassador of USA to Bulgaria.

9th - "NATO: Fifty Years and Beyond" is a national conference co-hosted by the Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the Association of the United States Army (AUSA)at the US Department of State, Washington D.C. The conference examines many of the major issues that NATO and Europe will have to face in the coming decades. The panel topics ranges from the development of the new strategic concept and its impact on the shaping of the internal capabilities and external outlook of NATO, to the development of a European defence entity. The conference also touches upon the relationship between NATO and Russia. The event is attracting members of the three sponsors' constituencies, leading national security and defence experts, administration and congressional officials, as well as officials from NATO and SHAPE headquarters, Partnership for Peace, and Russia.

9th - 10th - The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria is organising the third International seminar of the project "The Democratic Control of the Armed Forces" sponsored by PHARE Democracy Programme, at the Smoljan Hotel, Bulgaria.

10th - The "Atlantische Commissie" (ATLCOM) in cooperation with Military History Section of the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) and the Royal Association for Strategic Studies, is organising a one-day conference with 300 participants, focusing on the political and military aspects of 50 years of allied security and defence cooperation between NATO and the Netherlands. The conference is taking place in the Hall of Knights, The Hague.

10th - The German Atlantic Society (Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft), in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, is organising the second German-Atlantic Forum in Karlsruhe, Germany, on "NATO and the next century - Preparation for the future".

11th - A concert, given by the Philharmonie der Nationen, made up of musicians from about 40 NATO and Partner countries, and directed by Justus Frantz is taking place at the concert hall La Monnaie, in Brussels, Belgium. His Majesty, King Albert of Belgium is attending the event.
n.b. Please note that, according to a decision taken by NATO Council, this concert is canceled.

11th - 15th - The JASON Foundation, in cooperation with the Dutch Atlantic Treaty Association, is organising a seminar entitled "NATO, Diplomacy and Force". The four-days conference starts in Amsterdam, then moves to Brussels before holding the last two days in The Hague. Students and graduates from the member states of NATO, PfP and the other OSCE countries are given an opportunity to participate in this intensive study programme.

14th - The German Ministry of Defence is holding a ceremony in order to officially introduce the national commemorative stamp to the public. German Parliamentary Secretary Mrs Brigitte Schulke is giving the introductory speech. The ceremony, also attended by NATO official representatives, is followed by a press conference. n.b. Please note that this ceremony is canceled.

15th - The independent review "NATO's Sixteen Nations", in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia , is issuing a special issue on Slovenia.

15th - 16th - The Cicero Foundation in Paris is organising a two-day international seminar for experts around the theme "NATO's New strategic Concept - Its Consequences for the European Security and Defence Identity".

16th - On the occasion of the "Change of Command" at Standing Naval Forces Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT), special activities are organised in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. German Secretary of Defence Mr Scharping as well as NATO Secretary General Mr Solana are attending the event.

17th - An open house is taking place at the Queen's Life Regiment, Nørresundby, Denmark.

18th - The Bulgarian Union of Tourism Aleko, in co-operation with the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, is organising the climbing of a West Side Vitosha Mountain Peak under the logo "On the Way to NATO". Two hundred tourists are expected to participate in the event, as well as members of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and national citizens.

18th -Member of the German Parliament and President of the German Atlantic Society (Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft) Ruprecht Polenz is hosting a conference during which Minister of Defence Rudolf Scharping is giving a speech on "The Transatlantic Alliance and its Way to the XXIst Century". A military choir is participating to the event.

19th - The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organising a meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and grant holders students and scientists working on projects related to NATO.

19th April - 3rd May - At Stavanger, Norway, a church parade, followed by a reception, is organised to mark the 50th anniversary of NATO as well as the 5th Anniversary of HQ North (AFNW). Naval Units in Stavanger port and an aircraft flyby are included.

22nd - The Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS) is organising a Gala Evening at the National Building Museum, Washington D.C., with dinner and music. US Secretary of Defence William Cohen and NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana are invited to speak, and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Paul Volcker, is honoured. Attendees include heads of government and foreign and defence ministers from the sixteen current NATO nations and the three invitees, and Partnership for Peace nations, as well as members of Congress, the diplomatic and foreign policy communities, and corporate leaders. (Invitation only)

22nd - The Headquarters of Land Forces Souteastern Europe (LSE) and the Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force (SIXATAF) are organising a ceremony and reception to be held at the General Vechi Akin garrison in Izmir, Turkey. The Commander LSE General Edip Baser and the Commander SIXATAF Lieutenant General Alper Akseli are the co-guest speakers for the ceremony.

22nd - The German Parliament is holding a special session in preparation of the Washington Summit and around the theme of 50th anniversary. The Federal Chancellor Mr Schroeder is delivering a speech, followed by a debate.

22nd - The Berlin Information-Center for Transatlantic Security (BITS), in cooperation with the British American Security Information Council (BASIC), the Lawyers Alliance for World Security (LAWS) and the Washington Office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, is organising an international conference at the Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel in Washington DC, United States. High level political and academic representatives are discussing major NATO-related issues under the titles: "The Future Role of NATO for European Security", "NATO - Nuclear Weapons, Arms Control and Proliferation" and "NATO - Russia Relations".

23rd - The first of a series of three major conferences, organised by the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom, for the younger generation including a series of role play workshops establishing the new strategy of NATO in the 21st century, is taking place at the Central Hall of Westminster, London.

23rd - 25th - During the Washington Summit, Heads of State and Government of NATO Member and Partner Countries are holding a meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC), the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) and the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC).

23rd April - 2nd May - A Commemorative exhibition of the Danish Armed Forces Health Service is taking place at Christiansfeld.

24th - A special issue of the independent magazine "NATO's Sixteen Nations and Partners for Peace" is published in April 1999.

24th - 25th - The NATO Headquarters of the Iberian Atlantic Area (IBERLANT) in Portugal is organising an open day.

24th - 25th - Open houses are organised by the National Defence of Denmark:

  • King's Artillery Regiment at Hørsholm,
  • Combat Service Support Regiment at Nørresundby
  • North Jutland Artillery Regiment at Skive
  • Army Material Command Denmark at Hjørring (Only 24th).

25th - 27th - A transatlantic conference, "NATO and Southeastern Europe: Security Issues for the Early 21st Century", is taking place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington DC, USA.

26th - 28th - At the Headquarters of the Allied Command Atlantic (ACLANT), Norfolk, USA, celebrations are planned to include a flag-raising ceremony, the unveiling of a commemorative marker, a Virginia Symphony Orchestra concert honouring NATO, and social events.

29th - 30th - A military ceremony and reception are organised in Naples, Italy, and includes a flyby, a military concert, a photo roadshow and a firework display.

3rd - 7th - A conference organised by the German Ministry of Defence is being held in Bonn (Germany), for officers tasked with youth information schemes on the subject of "50 Years of NATO".

3rd - 7th -A series of lectures on the theme "Fifty Years of the Atlantic Alliance" is organised by the "Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales" in Madrid.

4th - 7th - An international fair of defence and security equipment and special information system in the spirit of the 50th anniversary, is organised by the Czech Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs in Brno, Czech Republic. A thematical stand on the 50th anniversary of the Alliance and the accession of the Czech Republic to NATO is also part of the fair and the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) is holding a meeting at the occasion.

6th - The German Atlantic Society (Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft) is organising a conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Member of the German Parliament and President of the German Atlantic Association Ruprecht Polenz is talking about "Fifty years of NATO - Fifty years of Security for Germany".

6th - Festive activities are being held at the theatre in Frankfurt under the auspices of the German Atlantic Society (Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft). Among high military and civilian representatives attending the event, Sir Paul Lever KCMG, Ambassador of United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, is giving a speech on "50 Years of the North Atlantic Alliance - A Summary", and Dr Andrzej Byrt, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, is talking about "Poland and NATO - the Beginning of a New Partnership - Challenges and Chances".

6th - 7th - An international conference on NATO's 50th anniversary is organised by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Portuguese Ministry of National Defence at the "Instituto de Defesa Nacional" (Institute for National Defence) in Lisboa.

7th - 8th - The Lemnitzer Center for European and NATO Studies is hosting an international conference entitled "NATO after fifty years" at Kent State University, Ohio, US.

14th - 15th - The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, in collaboration with the German Marshall Fund of the USA and the New Atlantic Initiative, is organising a two-day conference on "NATO in the Midst of its Centenary: the Global Mission of the Alliance in the 21st century", in Sofia, Bulgaria.

14th - 16th - The French Association for the Atlantic Community (AFCA) in Paris is organising a 3 days international seminar that brings together about 50 young representants of ATA associations, coming from Member and Partner countries.

16th - The Headquarters of Land Forces Souteastern Europe (LSE) and the Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force (SIXATAF) are organising a NATO picnic in recognition of NATO's 50th anniversary, held at the General Vechi Akin garrison in Izmir, Turkey. Awards for the LSE/SIXATAF sponsored events such as the NATO 50th anniversary sports competition, composition contest and the children's coloring contest are presented during the picnic.

17th - 20th - Wilton Park conference, in association with the Hungarian Atlantic Council, is organising a conference on "The Impact on Central European Countries of the Accession Process to NATO and the EU". The event is held at the Nagycenk Castle in Sopron, Hungary.

19th - The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom is organising the second of three major conferences for the younger generation near Birmingham at The Old Swinford Hospital School, Stourbridge, UK.

19th - 22nd - The International Academic Congress "NATO - The First Fifty Years: From 'Security of the West' to 'Securing Peace in Europe'", organised by Professors Dr. Gustav Schmidt, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and Jack L. Granatstein, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, is taking place at the Belgian Royal Institute for Defence on May 19, before moving on to Bonn (Gustav-Stresemann-Institut). This conference is sponsored by NATO, The German Research Council, The Donner Foundation, and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Research of Northrhine-Westfalia. NATO Secretary General Javier Solana is giving the dinner speech.

21st - 22nd - NATO Office of Information and Press, in cooperation with the Association of European Journalists, is organising a two-day conference in Toledo (Spain), entitled "The Atlantic Alliance in the XIXst century". NATO Secretary General Javier Solana is giving the opening speech.

26th - 28th - The "Asociación Atlántica Española" is organising a three-day seminar in Madrid around the theme "NATO in the 21st century".

27th - The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom is organising a conference on "The Legitimacy of post Cold War intervention: NATO and the European Security Architecture" in London.

28th - 30th - "Cultural and sport meetings of the Fiftieth Anniversary": the NATO Cultural and Sports Clubs (NCSC) is planning to invite representatives from the International Secretariat, International Military Staff, Delegations, Partner Countries, Agencies and Headquarters etc. in order to participate in sport and cultural activities among approximately 15 different disciplines. This includes a popular march organised between SHAPE, Mons, Belgium, and NATO, Brussels. n.b. Please note that these events are canceled.

28th - 31st - The North Atlantic Assembly (NAA) is holding its Spring Session in Warsaw, Poland.

29th - An exhibition entitled "The many faces of the Cold War" is held in Bodø until the beginning of September 1999 and presents some of the principal military aircraft models from the Cold War.

30th - 31st - The Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) and the Foreign Ministry, together with the Polish Parliament (Assembly) are organising an international conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference, also co-sponsored by NATO and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and attended by some 60 experts from NATO countries, neighbouring states and Lithuania, is opening discussions around the theme "NATO after 50 years: new old Alliance" .

31st May - 2nd June - The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is hosting the Young Leaders Conference in Berlin on the occasion of NATO's 50th anniversary. The "Perspectives for the Alliance as a Community of Values" is the core of the discussion.

3rd - 4th - The Norwegian Aviation Museum, in co-operation with Bodø University College, the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies and the Norwegian Air Force College, is organising a two-day conference in Bodø upon the theme "50 years with the Cold War". The conference is divided in three main sections: 'The Rise and Fall of the Cold War', 'Intelligence in the Cold War' and 'Air Struggle in the Cold War'.
The conference is followed by an anniversary dinner hosted by the Norwegian Minister of Defence, in the Mountain Hall at Bodø Main Air Station.

11 -The Economic Policy Institute organises a conference on "The NATO Enlargement: Financial Dimensions" at the Czech Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria.

13th - The Allied Forces Baltic Approaches (BALTAP) are organising an Open House at the Air Station in Karup, Denmark, attended by senior political and military representatives. An exhibition vehicle portraying NATO / BALTAP Headquarters yesterday, today and tomorrow is also displayed.

13th - 16th - The Moldovan Parliament, in cooperation with the Euro-Atlantic Centre from Moldova, is organising a three-day conference about "The impact of NATO enlargement on Southeastern European security" in Kichineu, Moldova.

14th - Bruce George MP, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, House of Commons, is speaking at the annual dinner for Head of Schools at Saint Stevens Club, Westminster, London.

18th - The Middlesex & Baylor Universities are teaming up with the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom for their annual conference.

18th - 19th - The Allied Forces Central European (AFCENT) are organising an international military tattoo in Heerlen, Netherlands, in close coordination with the host nation. This event is attended by CINCENT and local, regional and national civilian and military authorities.

26th - 30th - The Bulgarian Euro-Atlantic Youth Club, in cooperation with the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, is organising a three-day conference on "The New Enlarged NATO", coinciding with the biannual meeting of the Atlantic Association of Young Political Leaders (AAYPL), in Sophia and Varna (Bulgaria).

28th - The Austrian Institute for European Security Policy (Österreichisches Institut für Europäische Sicherheitspolitik - ÖIES) is organising a conference under the title "The new NATO - Security and Stability for Europe". The event is taking place at the Federation of Austrian Industry in Vienna, and is opened by the Austrian Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Wolfgang Schussel, and the Austrian Minister for Defence Dr. Werner Fasslabend. Among the issues covered by the conference, the relationship EU - NATO, the European Security and Defence Identity, NATO and Central Europe as well as NATO as the central forum for transatlantic co-operation, represent the core of the discussions.

23rd - 25th - The Royal International Air Tattoo 99 (RIAT) at RAF Fairford, England, is celebrating NATO's 50th anniversary. NATO's member countries and the European nations who make up the 'Partnership for Peace' programme come together for the world's largest military airshow. A vast central showcase should highlight the aircraft, work and history of NATO. In the skies above, fighters, bombers, transporters and NATO reconnaissance aircraft are preparing a sensational flying display.


10th - On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of NATO, the new NATO Defense College will be inaugurated in Rome on Friday 10th September.


7th - 8th - The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) at Chatham House, London, in association with NATO and IMEMO, is holding a conference entitled: "NATO: Development in Partnership - Engagement and Advancement after 2000." (.PDF) Over two days, a specially selected group of senior government civil and military officials from NATO's founder and partner counties will be taking a forward look at the role of the Alliance in the Euro-Atlantic area and beyond. UK Defence Secretary, The Rt Hon George Robertson MP and NATO Secretary General designate will be speaking on "European Defence: The Way Ahead". Places at this conference are by invitation only. Applications for attendance can be made to the RIIA Conference Unit by fax on +44 171 321 2045.

25th - 26th - PfP Education and training conference, Norfolk, VA This event is jointly co-sponsored by SACLANT HQ, USACOM, and Old Dominion University (ODU) and is conducted in conjunction with the international modeling and simulation week in Norfolk, Virginia. the theme for this new ACLANT PfP activity is "Exploring the Role of Simulation and Distributed Learning within NATO and the Partnership."


18th - Commemorative event at the Peter McCloskey United States Post Office located in General Joulwan's home town of Pottsville Pa., USA, honoring both him and the 50th. anniversary of NATO.



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