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22 feb. 1999

NATO Office of Information and Press,
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"The Atlantic Alliance in the XXI Century"

Toledo, Spain - 21-22 May 1999

Friday, 21st May

09.00-10.00 Introduction
Miguel Angel Aguillar, Secretary General, APE
10.00-10.30 Opening Speech
Javier Solana, Secretary General, NATO
10.30-12.00 First Panel: The Atlantic Alliance : A new space of cooperation
Javier Garrigues, Political Director, Foreign Office Ministry, Spain.
  • Andrei Zagorskiy, International Relations Institute, Moscow, Russia.
  • Chairman of the NATO Military Committee
  • Günther Burghart, General Director for the PESC Foreign Relations of the European Commission.
  • Robert Blackwill, John Fitgerald School of Government, Harvard, USA.
  • Javier Rupérez, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Congress of Deputies, Spain.
12.00-12.15 Coffee Break
12.15-13.00 Debate
13.30-16.00 Lunch

Saturday, 22nd May

10.00-11.30 Third Panel: The new strategic concept of NATO
Admiral Rafael Lapique Dobarro,Permanent Secretary of the Strategic Studies Spanish Institute, DIGENPOL-MD, Spain
Speakers :
  • Eliot A. Cohen, Paul Nitze Institute for Strategic Studies, John Hopkins University, USA.
  • Lawrence Freedman, War Studies, King's College, UK.
  • Lothar Rühl, Defence Correspondant of "Die Welt", Germany.
  • Paul Quiles, President of the Defence Commission at the National Assembly, France.
  • Wojciech Lamentowich, Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Poland.
11.30-11.45 Coffee Break
11.45-12.45 Debate
13.00-13.30 Closing Speech
Eduardo Serra. Defence Minister. Spain
16.00-17.30 Second Panel: The transatlantic link
Gral. IM Juan Martinez-Esparza y Valiente
  • Richard Gardner, Former Ambassador in Spain, USA
  • Javier Conde de Saro, Spanish Ambassador in NATO, Spain.
  • Rafael Estrella, Vice president in the North Atlantic Assembly, Spain
  • Stephan Larrabee, Rand Corporation, USA
  • Elmar Brok, Member of the National Security Council, USA.
  • William Hopkinson, Director of Strategic Studies at the International Affairs Royal Institute (Chatam House), U.K.
  • Pascal Boniface, International Relations Institute, France.
  • Lazlo Valki, University of Budapest, Hungary.
17.30-17.45 Coffee break
17.45-18.15 Debate

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