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Special interactive video forum series with Jamie Shea

Video forums
Jamie Shea

Nov 2003-Mar 2004 - NATO
Video lecture series by Jamie Shea


In response to your continued positive feedback, NATO is pleased to offer a third season of video debates hosted by Jamie Shea, former NATO Spokesman and currently the Director of Policy Planning in the Office of the NATO Secretary General.

Prominent international experts will discuss the questions you send in by e-mail on five topical issues: the expansion of strategic political consultations at NATO, NATO’s relations with the so-called “Contact Countries” (e.g. Australia, Japan, New Zealand), humanitarian assistance and the NATO Response Force, NATO training programmes, and NATO’s public diplomacy.

Each debate will be recorded at NATO Headquarters and then posted on the NATO Web site.

Send your e-mail to nids2@hq.nato.int and Jamie Shea will put your questions to the expert panel.

Season 3
Expanding NATO's Political Consultations February 2006
Lessons learned in Pakistan: NATO providing Humanitarian aid, and the role of the NATO Response Force 8 March 2006
NATO training programmes 9 May 2006

Season 2
Ending bloodshed: the role of NATO, the African Union, and the United Nations in ending violence in Darfur September 2005
The future of the Balkans and the Alliance's engagement in the region October 2005
NATO and Ukraine after the Orange Revolution November 2005
Transforming NATO December 2005

Season 1
NATO in Afghanistan February 2005
Bridging the Mediterranean March 2005
Tackling Terrorism April 2005
The Transatlantic Link May 2005