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STOPWATCH 3, Debate 2:
Lessons learned in Pakistan:
NATO providing humanitarian aid

8 March 2006

Stopwatch : A special interactive video forum series with Jamie Shea

On 11 October 2005, in response to a request from the Government of Pakistan, the Alliance launched a major air bridge to assist in the international relief effort following the devastating 8 October 2005 earthquake.

The Alliance also deployed engineers and medical personnel to Pakistan to assist in the relief effort.

Is this a precedent? Should NATO do humanitarian relief? How effective was NATO's assistance?

Moderated by Mr. Jamie Shea

The experts taking part were:

  • Maurits Jochems, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Civil Emergency Planning
  • Jan Vandermoortele, UN Resident Coordinator in Pakistan
  • Simone De Manso, NATO Press Officer
Full video
Video in parts:  

Part 1: Assessing the impact of NATO's assistance


Part 2: Response of the local population


Part 3: Should NATO have stayed longer?


Part 4: Role for NATO or role for UN?

Transcript of the video forum - Audio version: .MP3/15700