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NATO Off the Wire
19 June 2007

A look at news and commentary regarding NATO on the Web

The spokesman's perspective:

Continuing our new series of video commentary, NATO Spokesman James Appathurai gives his personal perspective on recent articles discussing NATO. He invites you to write in with your own comments and opinions, which could be featured in the next installment.

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18 June 2007

Frustrated with NATO, Russia hints at leaving European arms accord
Russia warned it could be driven to suspend its part in a major arms-control accord after talks with NATO states ended Friday without headway in revising a pact seen as vital for stability in Europe.
Published on 18 June 2007 - The Globe and Mail, Canada
NATO to step up training for Afghan army
Defence Ministers from NATO countries agreed to step up training of the fledgling Afghan National Army (ANA) to replace the multinational force in Afghanistan.
Published on 18 June 2007 - Pak Tribune, Pakistan
Civilian deaths blamed on NATO alliance
NATO has an image problem in Afghanistan -- and a U.S. soldier who fired a Humvee's machine gun into a crowd of civilians after a deadly suicide bombing Saturday shows why.
Published on 18 June 2007 - Courier News, Chicago, USA
Russia-NATO: a marriage of convenience?
Two recent anniversaries have provided the occasion for holding a Russia-NATO Council meeting in Moscow at the end of June.
Published on 18 June 2007 - RIA Novosti, Russia

16 June 2007

Russia calls on NATO to review the CFE treaty
Talks in Vienna, aimed at reviewing the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty, ended in deadlock. Moscow warned the western defence alliance it could freeze its participation in the treaty which is outdated and restricts its ability to move troops around its own territory.
Published on 16 June 2007 - New Europe, European Weekly

15 June 2007

NATO agrees to provide airlift for African peacekeepers in Somalia
NATO defense ministers agreed Friday to provide an airlift for embattled African peacekeepers struggling to halt fighting in Somalia.
Published on 15 June 2007 - International Herald Tribune, France
NATO to Build Up Afghan Army in Fight Against Taliban
NATO vowed to send more trainers and equipment to build up Afghanistan's army, trying to hand more of the fight against the Taliban to local forces and ease the burden on the U.S. and Britain.
Published on 15 June 2007 - Bloomberg

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